GSkill Falcon 128GB SSD review - Fastest SSD yet

Guru3D: "When OCZ released their Vertex drives a few weeks ago, next to being shocked, I was already wondering how fast the market would pick up on the technology used in that SSD. It was merely a week later when we received a press-release from G.Skill, announcing a very similar product to that Vertex drive SSD. I mention the OCZ Vertex here as it was simply the best SSD we have tested to date.

Today, believe it or not, G.Skill is going to trump that product. With each and every SSD review we publish the bar is set higher, and the fact is that SSD technology is evolving at such an incredible rate that we are closing in on the limitations of the SATA2 interface. At 3 GHz SATA2 can manage roughly 300 MB/sec bus bandwidth. With today's tested product we pass 250 MB/sec which is crazy when you think about it."

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Kakkoii3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Sheesh, SSD's are becoming more awesome by the minute. The SATA team best hurry up and make a SATA3! lol. Can't wait for when SSD's drop down 2-3 fabrication sizes. Well have 1-2TB SSD's, and ones like this will be a lot cheaper.