Where Are The 2-Hour Games?

Gamer Limit writes: "Today I was struck by a notion. A particularly powerful notion, rather uncommonly potent for something of this sort: why aren't there any two-hour games?"

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Mario183525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

That's as long as a movie is and for 60$?
Worst idea EVER!

Article - Fail.

Polluted3525d ago

Well he never really specified what sort of pricing scheme he had in mind for these shorter games.

The problem as I see it is that it generally takes about 45 minutes to really get comfortable with the controls in a new game. That sort of leaves a lot less actual gaming time after you get familiar with how things work. Also the type of game he's describing where you control every little movement, etc, sounds a lot like an extended quicktime even rather than a "game" as we've come to know them.

What would happen to games like Ninja Gaiden that require a lot of practice if his idea came to fruition? Probably nothing since there's room for all sorts of games out there, but it bears consideration.

Mario183525d ago

Well he does have Fallout III as the article pic with a time clock of 2 hours.

syvergy3525d ago

Did you read the article? He didn't say anything about paying the same amount for the shorter games.

Mario183525d ago

And he also didn't say anything about not paying the same amount for the shorter games.

Fullish3525d ago

Yes but it would be pretty daft to take that assumption.

Mu5afir3525d ago

Seriously, half of these articles are being written by people who lived in some cave for the past few years. For one, we have Siren and R&K on PSN both are around 2-4 hours, and are episodic.

ActionBastard3525d ago

Terminator Salvation is just under 4hrs and is utter trash. EASY platinum though...

TheRealSpy023525d ago

it's because games don't tell their stories the entire time you play. at least most don't. most games have you involved in a lot of story-less killing and puzzle solving.

yes action is great in movies. but i can think of a prime example of wher emovies have taken it too far. pearl harbor. that movie had like 45 minutes of planes bombing boats. after about 5 minutes i was satisfied, 10 minutes i was bored, 20 minutes i wanted to kill myself.

when you watch action, it can only offer so much. when you get to play the action, it has so much more versatility.

fact is, movies are passive entertainment. and most ppl don't have the attention span for long sit downs of watching other ppl do things. i'm still baffled professional sports do so well with viewers.

then, of course, there's price...

when it comes to most games, i say let them be as long as possible. games like bioshock, fallout, and mass effect are great. but i never want them to end and i do everything i can to get the most out of the experience before finishing them. sometimes i even stop playing just to delay the climax (the game's climax, not mine (most of the time)).

mal_tez923524d ago

Portal is no longer than 2 hours.
Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty is about 2 and a half. (longer on hard mode)

But these games were not full price. I paid I think about $30 for both of them.

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chrisjc3525d ago

This is a neat idea, as long as the gameplay is diverse. Madworld was 2 hours long, and was a cool game.

Although, if you have a short attention span and love short games, I'd suggest getting a Wii.

Baliw3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Also think about it.
What would happened if Haze was a 2 hours episodic chapter instead? So much less frustrated gamers.

Companies can save money with this. They can release a chapter and keep on going or close the project. No more 5 years buried on bad games or non sellers.

Think about RPGs as books. Monthly, weekly or daily basis.

Also gamers would enjoy a much bigger variety of games. As you could grab a 1st chapter for a few bucks.

The game sells? Keep it rolling. They can keep bringing content for 5 years instead of raise the project that same time. Would get revenues in basis.


SkankinGarbage3525d ago

While I think that, trying to make the 1:1 analogy of video games and movies is a bad idea - thus, trying to make games shorter just to be more like movies would be bad - I still enjoy the concept. I've always believed that a game usually suffers from being long. When I hear that someone groans over finishing an FPS in eight hours, all I can think is, "You really wanted to play the same game for longer than eight hours!?"

syvergy3525d ago

I agree - Some games are far too padded out, with useless parts involving backtracking/sewer levels/repeated bosses just to push the game out a few hours.

Shorter games could work well if they were very refined and removed every bit of fat.

Obviously - RTS, RPG and other games that require length are the exceptions.

Myze3525d ago

Well, for a game to be only 2 hours long, it would require loads and loads of replay value if it wants to be anything more than a PSN or XBox Live release (of which there are plenty of ~2 hour long games).

snake-OO3525d ago

this guy was high on crack when he wrote this.

KionicWarlord2223525d ago

Well depends what kind of game this writer is talking about. There are alot games that are around 2-3 hours into the game. lol according to this writer games should be very short like films.

Fullish3525d ago

Very short, but very high production values.
Which should work.

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