GameRevolution Review: iNFAMOUS

A devastating and mysterious explosion has rocked Empire City, and despite being at the heart of it, you somehow survived. You may have even been the cause of the explosion - you're not sure - but that jerk on the TV sure thinks so, and many of the city's residents seem unsure whether or not you are a terrorist. Either way, they'll have a hard time arresting you as the explosion has also endowed you with superpowers.

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YoungKingDoran4059d ago

so fvckin pumped for this game you have no idea! ... well maybe you do! argh

table4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

nice one

"Graphically, inFamous is quite pretty in a dystopian way"

Atleast this review doesn't expect Uncharted2 graphics in an open world game.

raztad4059d ago

The cons are really minor. Why this game isn't A- at least? the final score looks like pulled out from their asses. Well, whatever, IMO inFAMOUS DEMO>> Full GTA4