Will Windows 7 Be Too Expensive?

Windows 7's free beta and release candidate have been very popular so far, especially with their price, free. For the millions who have downloaded them, most will need to upgrade to the final version when it comes out later this year. Some questions remains however, how expensive will 7 be, and will it cost more than Vista did? Read on to find out the answers.

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zig_zag_stories3530d ago

First I will be waiting till my xp machine dies before I get a new computer and I refuse to buy a new OS till I get a new Computer so it may be a while before that happens. I am happy with xp. 7 is far better then vista. but xp is stable perfect for my everyday needs. give us a option of just expansion packs for xp for smaller amount of money I may give in a pay some money

TheAntiFanboy3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I'm going to be perfectly honest here. I've been playing around with 7 since beta, and I really do like it, but the only significant difference I can make out between this and Vista is the taskbar. That's it! Sure, the taskbar is like a gazillion times better than the ones in Vista or XP or classic, but it's still like the ONLY perceivable difference that actually really affects the end-user experience.

Unless I'm missing some huge incredible feature that I never realized existed or simply isn't prominent enough for me to have noticed, how can so many people say "DUDE 7 IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN VISTA"? There were a hell of a lot more positive differences between Vista and XP (most of them Explorer-centric) than there were between 7 and Vista.

Please dear God in heaven, someone point out to me what actually makes this worth upgrading from Vista to 7 for.

And don't tell me that it crashes less. Because Vista never crashed for me. And also don't tell me that Vista had compatibility problems. Because only one thing in existence failed to work for me on Vista, and it was Metal Gear Solid 2.

Sarick3530d ago

No way I'm paying $400 for OS software, I'll by a new pc with it installed.

50CALheadshot3530d ago

i spent 400 on vista ultimate. 7 is nice dont get me wrong, just not worth 400

Mikerra173530d ago

man I feel bad for ya, I think you got 3 extra features that were not in the regular edition.

chrisnick3530d ago

nothing's better than free...........linux ftw.

vhero3530d ago

linux is free you say huh? so is windows! anybody who pays for windows is nub. Especially if you paid for Vista! 7 Will be cracked from day 1 just like Vista was *yawn*

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xwabbit3530d ago

I don't care cus i wont buy it so LOL

omegaortega3530d ago

If there is a Premium like edition for $99 without freaking DRM aka limited installs.

Sure I will buy it :D.

Or at least do a Far Cry 2... refund the install so you could reinstall it WITHOUT losing one of your installs.

But thats not going to happen.. the 99 dollar price in which does not expire after X number of installs.

Shadow Man3530d ago

or I can just get a laptop with windows 7.

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The story is too old to be commented.