Guild Wars gets major update

ArenaNet's MMORPG Guild Wars has received a large patch bringing a myriad of PvP and PvE skill updates to the game.

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WhittO4066d ago

So much support for this game, considering there is no online fees too.

Bring on Guild Wars 2 already though!!

Gun_Senshi4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

And GW has best PvP in MMO. No other MMO comes close to PvP of GW, espically in balance.

This update is old.

Mirror of Ice Nerf was horrible for me :( It was nice to Gust spam damaging and slowing doing movement >.<

Hunter's Shot nerf is horrible too, at least keep it 1 casting time.

Melandru's shot nerf = rebirth of crippling shot.

Regret4065d ago

I rushed on wiki to see if there was really an update, and it turned out that he's late about 10 days...

Bonsai12144065d ago

you call this support? they pretty much nerfed a ton of stuff including WoH!!!! wtf.

SSJSubgeta4065d ago

I am surprised this is still getting some kind of support and is still being played. I stopped playing it after the I got done messing with the 1st expansion.

But I really want to test out Blade & Soul.