In-depth with Super DBZ

PlayStation 2-owning Dragon Ball Z fans are in for an interesting year. As not one, but two different titles starring Goku and company are headed for Sony's current-gen platform. Of course, the most obvious entrant of the two is the next installment of an ongoing series, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (headed for our shores in October). But it's the second game in Atari's two-punch combo, Crafts and Meister's Super Dragon Ball Z, which has raised the most questions. Exactly how are the two games different? How are they the same? What sort of things can we expect to see when Super DBZ hits shelves late next month?

Dustin_c_miller20086181d ago

i believe super dbz will be fun and new for dbz fans and not just for fans but for gamers, cant wait to play this game.