New DragonBall Z Action RPG Announced, Entering Development in 2021

New DragonBall Z Action RPG has recently been hinted at in a tweet which has since been deleted, but the information stands, and we've even got a reasonable development projection, too.

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Sono4211973d ago

I mean, i'm very hyped, but this announcement seems very early... it's going to START development in 2021?

CaptainObvious8781972d ago

That's what I was thinking...

"so best case scenario, this game is out in 5 years. So my care factor right now is 0"

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thatguyhayat1973d ago

I dont think so, i think its a new IP away from xenoverse

NotoriousWhiz1972d ago

But you create your own character and level up... Why is it not an rpg?

ShadowWolf7121972d ago

It's an RPG, but it's a Fighting RPG, not an ARPG.

gangsta_red1973d ago

I'm digging the Heroes storyline. The Prison Planet was awesome. If they can do something similar I would be definitely on board.

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The Xbox showcase brought the E3 magic

After having to prove itself for years, Xbox doubled down and pulled it off..

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GaboonViper2d ago

Yep Xbox absolutely knocked it out of the park with that stunning show, it was everything a gaming showcase should be, games games and games, well done team Xbox.

CrimsonWing691d 12h ago

It really did. Like I came out of that with the hype for new games I haven’t felt since… well the better years of E3.

monkey6021d 12h ago

It was without a doubt one of the better showcases in years. There was plenty there that excited me. Something has been lacking in years on all platforms

EasilyTheBest1d 10h ago

It was an amazing showcase I loved everything about it. Can't wait to play some of those games.
What's going on. 4 comments & no negatives yet. Wow, what's going on with N4G.

ThinkThink1d 9h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

Show was so good, it made me forget about that blue dragon rumor until the next day. Too many games to process.

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Why does Bushiroad keep killing off Love Live games?

Three Love Live mobile games have died in the past year despite the series’ ever-growing popularity both in Japan and worldwide, but why?

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1d 23h ago

Atlus Fes Event Report

Atlus Fes 2024, an event to commemorate Atlus' 35th anniversary, was held in Akihabara, Tokyo on the weekend of 8-9 June 2024.

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LG_Fox_Brazil2d ago

Good thing I wasn't there, I would've left my entire pay check