New DragonBall Z Action RPG Announced, Entering Development in 2021

New DragonBall Z Action RPG has recently been hinted at in a tweet which has since been deleted, but the information stands, and we've even got a reasonable development projection, too.

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Sono421882d ago

I mean, i'm very hyped, but this announcement seems very early... it's going to START development in 2021?

CaptainObvious878882d ago

That's what I was thinking...

"so best case scenario, this game is out in 5 years. So my care factor right now is 0"

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thatguyhayat882d ago

I dont think so, i think its a new IP away from xenoverse

NotoriousWhiz882d ago

But you create your own character and level up... Why is it not an rpg?

ShadowWolf712881d ago

It's an RPG, but it's a Fighting RPG, not an ARPG.

gangsta_red882d ago

I'm digging the Heroes storyline. The Prison Planet was awesome. If they can do something similar I would be definitely on board.

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The story is too old to be commented.