SFX 360: Outrun Online Arcade Review

SFX 360 writes: "Ahhh the gold old days when games were simple yet fun to play. Sega brings new life back into their classic racer from days past with Outrun Online Arcade for Xbox live arcade. If you were a fan of the original then it should go without saying that you will feel right at home with this latest update.

Not much has changed here as you would probably expect. The premise is still the same as it was before. You are a rich tool with a fast Ferrari and hot blond girlfriend who thinks it's a good idea to race other rich tools in their Ferraris in open traffic. The controls are just as solid as ever and drifting around the corners is not only easy it's really fun. As I said before the game is simple to play in every way possible. You pick a car and simply try to make it to the next checkpoint before time runs out. All the while dodging traffic and trying to navigate the road and turns. Seems pretty simple but it can a real challenge to make it before time runs out..."

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