Eurogamer : The Agency preview

Oli Welsh from Eurogamer writes:

"Visit Sony Online Entertainment's Seattle offices, which house the team making its stylish espionage MMO The Agency for PC and PS3, and you get buried alive: in ideas, in raw information, in words. Most of these things are fired out of the mouth of lead designer Hal Milton at machine-gun rate and you're left frantically scribbling away to keep up, not to mention thrown by the propensity of Milton and the rest of the team to answer questions on almost any facet of the gameplay in great detail, rather than with a "we're not talking about that today".

As a consequence, we've got a lot to get through here, and we don't have much time. If you're unfamiliar with the basics of one of the most exciting and original online games in development, please check out our preview and interview from last year. In brief, and after a deep breath"

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bigrob1233530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

this is looking great. cant wate to play it