Devil May Cry Coming To Wii?

Nintendo Life:
Capcom recently terminated development on the PSP version of the game - is this so they could redistribute their staff to work on the Wii edition? I guess we'll find out soon...

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qface643531d ago

a devil may cry on the wii doesn't sound bad too me id buy it don't see any reason why its not on the wii already then again that's capcoms decision

Green Lantern23531d ago

Damn the wii is killing this year

N4g_null3530d ago

WOW konami and namco go hard on the PSP and capcom has clearly choosen the Wii. Wow to term that game is a trip they seriously are making a move for the Wii right now. Man Namco and konami better do some thing or face buying each other out like square enix LOL. It's like all konami has now is metal gear right now and namco has what, does any one with an HD system even remember soul caliber coming out? It's like gone with the wind or some thing? I mean I guess we should expect this from a bunch of PC like gamers.

The_Devil_Hunter3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

C'com, give them nintendogs some love Cap...

EDIT: I thought their second secret title wasnt DMC5

XboxBoy3530d ago

jus gimme some DMC for my PS3.

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