Amazon Slashes Up To 70% Off On Several Action Adventure, RPG, Shooter & Simulation Games

Daily Video Game writes: "The latest game sale at Amazon is loaded with deals and discounts on video games, giving you a chance to save up to 70% off on plenty of action-adventure, RPG, shooter, and simulation games across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch right now!"

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hotnickles101d ago

PSVR2 is available for preorder on PlayStation direct right now if you have 600 dollars to dump. I preordered it but I was like “gd that’s more than the ps5!” Lmao

VanHalen100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Wow, thanks for the heads up. Just scored one! I wasn’t even going to get one. Figured it’s too expensive and going to be too hard to get. They are just sitting up on there right now. Screw it, I’m a sucker I guess. Weird that there was no heads up anywhere about it being available this morning. Not even wario64 said anything on Twitter about it.

Went for the standard version. Horizon game is just a digital code with the other one. I want a physical copy. Get it later, total was $587. Wouldve been way more back in CA. Great thing about living on Indian reservation out here, tax is nothing! Glad I moved the hell outta California last month.

hotnickles100d ago

No problem. Same here haha. I figured there was no way I was getting one with the supply issues and I already wrote it off. Suckers indeed. Congrats on your financial freedom.

jznrpg100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

I live on the rez also in MInnesota , where you at ? I’m originally from California also

frostypants100d ago

I'm waiting to see what the software support is like early on. Will it get much of the $5-$10 shovelware that the Quest has? Oddly enough a lot of that stuff is solid and would be nice to have. Of the big name releases announced, so far only the Horizon game is intriguing to me. No doubt by 2024 though the library should be decent.

jznrpg100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

I preordered mine the first day . It seems like they made a lot of PSVR2’s to try and meet demand but I also think they didn’t want to have a scalper issue either and waned to make sure that they will be available after launch. Supposedly they made 2 million just for launch

hotnickles100d ago

Oh I didn’t know they were super easy to find. That’s a first, my mistake.

VanHalen100d ago

I’m in AZ, Mohave Valley. It’s all Indian land around here. It’s definately different from the fast paced and packed environment I grew up in out in CA. I lived in Huntington Beach most all my life. It’s got way too expensive and outta control in Orange County. It’s cool out here though, people actually say hi to you and hold doors open for you.

Back at home most of the people were all pretty rude and all about themselves. Including my neighbors whom wouldn’t even look at you. That was getting old. Right by the River out here with Casinos and Laughlin real close by. Can get Disneyland fireworks just across the river haha. It’s definately a lot more freedom around here than I’m normally used to. Backyard opens up to big open Indian land. Not all packed in like sardines out in Cali.

Gas is half the price out here and when I purchase a $70 game and look at the tax, I’m taken back from what I’m used to. California used to be a very nice state growing up during the 80s. I don’t think I would’ve wanted to have been anywhere else. Now, I couldn’t wait to escape it. Sad indeed

101d ago