SFX 360: Supercow Review

SFX 360 writes: "For a time, life on the farm in Sunny Valley was rather good. That was until the evil Professor Duriarti escaped from prison. His evil plan is to seize the farm and capture all the animals in Sunny Valley. Unfortunate to Professor Duriarti, a certain superhero has become aware of the rising situation. Who will save the farm in Sunny Valley and it's inhabitants now? Wait a minute...its a bird, its a, it's a...cow. Be aware that this is not your average run of the mill cow, it's Supercow!

Supercow, from Nevosoft, is an Xbox Live Community Game where you take on the role of the super milker and save the farm from the wicked evil of Professor Duriarti and his minions. The game is side-scroller that is reminiscent of some old-school classics like Super Mario Bros. It's your standard platformer that we've all seen before for many years. Overall, I find the game very simplistic and extremely easy. The sad part is that there is only one difficulty setting which is an insult to most hardcore and casual gamers alike. Although I don't think that this is Supercow's intended target audience..."

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