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NintendoDpad writes:
"It has been over 20 years since the original Punch-Out hit the shelves, and 15 years since the Super NES iteration. As a Punch-Out fan, it has been quite a long time coming. Although Little Mac is back in this version, the game still had some big shoes to fill, but it succeeded exceptionally."

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butterfinger3437d ago

is an awesome game! It's very addictive, and it can get surprisingly challenging. It looks like Nintendo has another AAA exclusive on their hands.

TheMART3437d ago

And yet another rehashed IP... Pikmin, Mario's, Zelda's... Were are some new great IP's Nintendo? Something fresh no?!

FinalomegaS3437d ago

maybe they should get Rare back and have them work on the platform type.

SpoonyRedMage3437d ago

What about Captain Rainbow and Disaster: Day of Crisis? They're both new IPs.

TheMART3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Yes Spoony if you look hard enough you'll find some stuff. BUT

There is nothing big like the days from NES/SNES you know. Especially no 3rd party AAA major one hitting 9 out of 10 or higher.

I find it just very dissapointing to see that the games over 9 out of 10 average (metacritic) are:

Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Resident Evil 4 remake, Okami remake, Metroid Prime, Punch-Out remake and those are all the ones scoring 9 out of 10 or higher.

Now thats just plain sad, they're known franchises with the next sequel or remakes, at least the 360/PS3 got some new IP's this gen scoring that high.

@ Armageddon

I think you're pretty much right. Although it would be sequels first I guess, Conker 2, Killer Instinct, PDZ, Banjo Kazooie... But those will stay on the 360 I guess. Although they haven't been doing great up till now and the way they make new IPs (Viva Piniata) just fits the Wii platform better then the 360 I guess.

So Microsoft could consider selling Rare back to Nintendo and let the games go to the platform it fits best. Actually thats a good idea there dude. Nintendo should put some $$$$ and ask MS.

desolationstorm3437d ago

Most big games on any system are all sequels any more. I would also say that Boom Blox is a great new ip on the wii. As for the new AAA titles Nintendo gives people what they want. And since punch out hasnt been seen since snes I dont see why you knock on Nintendo for doing a remake of it. It was a well made remake not just a cash in like NPC wii games.

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FinalomegaS3437d ago

I bought it yesterday and I was very much surprised to see it run so nice. Had that old school feel and felt really new also.

Wiimote sideways for me!

desolationstorm3437d ago

Yeah sideways wii is the way to play. Though I do have to say even though the mp is kinda simple I found it a lot of fun though I wish it rwas online. Not in collage anymore nintendo need online.

Product3437d ago

I'm having so much fun with this title. Anyone get to Donkey Kong yet?

I'm at Super Macho Man on Title Defense and this is the best Punch-Out I have played. Title Defense mode is where it's at.

desolationstorm3437d ago

Title defense is freaking crazy all the guys are so much tougher. Though Glass Joes still a joke.

slave2Dcontroller3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

For the Wiin!! I origanally bought this game for nostalgic purposes. I have always loved the franchise ever since its nes debut. I didnt expect much as Nintendo has been pissing me off by churning out what seems to be straight ports of older games.

i.e. I ran out and bought Animal Crossing;City Folk and was veeeery dissapointed. Its was the same F'N game as the GC and DS with a city tacked on.

Thank God Punch Out feels fresh, The game animates beautifully and the characters are bursting with personality, this is also a great loking game. I think this is the most fun I have had with my Wii. Punch Out is amazing so if you own a Wii pick this one up bc it wont let you down.

Omg_Armageddon said it best- The Mac is back!