Update to Capcom bringing RE5 to Wii

Capcom's Chief Financial Officer, Abe Kazuhiko has updated his statement about Resident Evil 5 coming to Wii.

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Product3438d ago

Although bringing RE5 to Wii would be great I'm more excited about Darkside Chronicles personally.

avantgarde843438d ago

RE5 is great, a Wii port might not be so great

FarEastOrient3438d ago

The beautiful game isn't going to look so good playing on the Wii, just look at the PS2 shooter Black & Killzone (1) compared to The Conduit.

ChickeyCantor3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Actually, looks and engine capabilities are 2 different things.

Quantum 3 engine is obviously doing more on screen.

Next to that HVS also stated that its important to understand the multilayered texturing of the ATI chip inside the Wii.
And obviously they are one of the FEW who actually achieved such thing.
So who says black isn't possible on the Wii?

( the game looked great, but it isn't doing as much on screen as the conduit is).

Even lots RE fans say that RE4 is better, so not seeing the problem in downgraded visuals.

SpoonyRedMage3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Killzone looked rubbish(well it didn't look bad but it wasn't groundbreaking). Black looked awesome but it would definately be possible on the Wii. Ever seen the Gamecube Rogue Squadron games?

GCNSeanFoster3437d ago

A Resident Evil 5 port would only be great for Wii owners that have no access to a Xbox 360/PS3. I would like to see some sort of Wii game that is not just on rails, but something that expands on Resident Evil 4. Heck, even a Resident Evil 2 remake using the RE4 engine would rock...

mastiffchild3437d ago

RE5 on PS360 us possibly the best looking multi plat thus far but that apart was it very good? Not in my book. Sure, the co-op with a mate or someone with a clue was a real blast BUT the SP was terribly poor, imo. Hobbled by the clumsy, jittery inventory system(that you had to deal with twice!)and other aspects of having forced co-op with an npc it turned into little more than an exercise in frutration-and failed to feel much like a Resi game at all. A little survival(if you could get past Sheva being way less clever than she needed to be)but no horror(a few jumps apart)meant those without broadband or with a crap connection had zero value-or those looking for something like RE of old.

RE4 was great on all platforms-but best on the Wii where the controls found a real balance and sweetness-they seemed to give you less ammo as well, maybe cos of this? If you feel like I do then taking things out(co-op in SP and prolly online, a little step back in looks and all the fripperies that having Sheva around entailed like extra inventories)may give the game back some of it's RE heritage as the good stuff wouldn't be swallowed by the frustration of the HD version-and you'd have those amazingly tight controls as well.

If they choose to do this right(plus SF4 which chould be OK on Wii too)then I think it could end up a far more satisfying SP and RE game than what we saw on PS360(the first RE game I ever traded in btw-and I bought nearly every release, even Outbreak and UC!). If they concentrate on getting the SP tight it might just shine gameplaywise-on the other hand we may end up with another insult to our instincys like CTYD was. Just hope they don't worry about it being too much like RE4 as the best parts of RE5 were those lifted from that game.

silenius3437d ago

Capocom makes RE-remakes of the devine R.E. 1,3 and Zero to the Nintendo systems But when it comes to Ps3 or 360 they just flip the bird. and now they will try to "port" (yeah right) RE 5 to the Wii...
well... as i said before... [email protected] YOU CAPCOM!

Shepherd 2143437d ago

wouldnt the wii explode though?

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ultra643438d ago

That doesn't sound to good. Port is not a word Wii owners want anymore.

avantgarde843438d ago

If they made a ground up RE5 on Wii, I would buy it.

STK0263438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

yeah, but let's face it, Capcom wasn't able to get Lost Planet running on the PS3 as well as the 360 version, despite releasing it months after and Dead Rising Chop til you drop wasn't the game it could have been. It seems Capcom is able to deliver some great games this generation, but when it comes to porting it to another platform after the initial release, they have been decent at best.

Edit : I forgot about Okami and RE4, which were better on the Wii.

hatchimatchi3438d ago

is this confirmed or are people taking the guys quote out of context? This is the first i've heard of this, so i might've missed something.

i wonder how the co-op would work.

Also, i guess good news for people who only own a wii, but to be honest, re5 really isn't that good of a game. It is alot of fun to play but if you haven't played it i recommend to go into the game not expecting a typical resident evil experience. That might be a good thing for some people though.

ultra643438d ago

I think RE5 is a great game but just not a great Resident Evil. This game has nothing on the originals.

doeman3438d ago

re5 was definitely more "good" than "bad" imo. if there's one thing that i WISH they would upgrade, its the movement scheme. who the hell plants their feet in the ground to shoot when a hoard of zombie-like beings are charging (er.. *slowly walking*) towards you?

shooting + MOVING capcom. shooting + moving...

mastiffchild3437d ago

Would you honestly think "shoot and move" would be needed if they just had RE4 controls for a Wii version? They were almost too good as it was. and the RE5 controls were one of the very few things that made RE5 feel like RE at all-I didn't have any problem with them.

jessehaysfl3438d ago

yeah this will happen, capcom likes this thing called money.

blahblahblah23437d ago

That is a really stupid statement. Who doesn't like money?

If you have a personal grudge against Capcom then just say you hate them, don't make yourself look so foolish.

NegativeCreep4273438d ago

Don't disparaged its reputation by converting it to a half-gen console like the Nintendo Wii!!!

LTC3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

RE5 was a huge dissapointment definately the worst one. It was basically a last gen game with slightly better graphics. Dated gameplay mechanics and boring story. RE4 was far better.

nintendohomie3438d ago

agree, i thought it was alright but definitely missed what RE is all about

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