1UP: Heavy Rain Preview with new videos

1UP's Matt Leone writes: I'm happy to say that overwhelmingly, the most impressive aspect is the pacing. Without a narrator, I get to listen more closely to the game's music, which does a fantastic job of ramping up the tension. When I get to the scene where Jayden tries to arrest Mad Jack but gets dizzy, I feel extremely anxious when the button symbols disappear so quickly that I can't press them in time. As a scene trying to make the player feel tense, it certainly works.

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omni_atlas3438d ago

Triple A title right there.

Looks freaking awesome but its the story thats going to make me grab this as a first day buy.

For those that haven't tried Indigo prophecy, pick it up and you'll see where Heavy Rain's 'roots' come from.

If the future is all about mature theme interaction 'gaming', then count me in for the long haul.

Cyrax_873438d ago

Spoilers FTL, please next time mark your spoilers. I haven't played SotC yet and was thinking about buying it next week. I still will though but damn, wish I didn't read your post.

heroicjanitor3438d ago

Got away with it though the jammy bastad.

3438d ago
beavis4play3438d ago

and stinks of childish trolling. why don't you, meerkat and meetajhu go play a nice game of COD4 MP?

Narutone663438d ago

mature adult. Certainly not for the likes of immature gamer like socomnick.

LightofDarkness3438d ago

Will people kindly get off the "this game is for mature people, anyone who doesn't like it simply doesn't get it and is clearly immature" bandwagon? It's a video-game, kids. If you think you're somehow a high-brow intellectual because you enjoy playing a video-game with a good story then you're clearly suffering from a chromosome deficiency or haven't finished puberty yet. I have a feeling that I won't enjoy this game, I have a distaste for QTEs, so how is it that you can only be mature by suffering through a gameplay mechanic you abhor just so you can watch another long cut-scene play out. That "ends justify the means" argument doesn't sit well with me.

gaffyh3438d ago

This game will be awesome, Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit was one of the best games last gen, and it was not boring at all and a lot of it was QTE. But the whole game isn't QTE.

@socomnick - It makes my day laughing at fanboys like you, I'd rather have Heavy Rain over most other games, at least it is different, or do you want mediocre FPS, after FPS?

silvacrest3438d ago

Enjoy your endless shooters

raztad3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Kids like socomnick should stay away from mature games. I repeat mature content. Those kids trash-talked MGS4 cause the cutscenes and now are begging Kojima to port "teh movie" to the 360.

Amazing stuff, really amazing. Sony conference must be really packed, otherwise is impossible to understand why they are spilling the beans so close to it. First Uncharted2, the highly secretive Trico project and now Heavy Rain with a full gameplay video (looking amazing btw). Wow, I cant imagine what Sony got in reserve for us.

EDIT: I just watched the GTTV video. It is muuuuch better. The game indeed looks AMAZING.

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FragMnTagM3438d ago

The graphics look good but they are not the same as the tech demo.

I was really hoping they could achieve that technical level of detail. When I first watched that trailer, it looked like a real human being. Now you can definitely tell that it is a game.

Indeed it does seem they took a different direction witch is a shame. That tech demo was phenomenal.

I know it was just a tech demo, but I want THAT game. This version should still be decent enough. I did enjoy Indigo Prophecy, so this should be good. But man I want the first trailer's graphics!

itchy183437d ago

saw the GTTV video and it was really good.

Matpan3437d ago

Looks really nice. I just hope those QTEs don´t take too much of the game. I´ve played too much dragon´s lair when a kid :P I don´t fancy that game style if abused. Now as backup for something else going on, I guess it´s ok, I can bare with it (ala shenmue, for example)

IrishRepublicanArmy3437d ago

for his love of creative and origional games!!

-EvoAnubis-3437d ago

Dude, that was a tech demo. It never had anything whatsoever to do with the plot of Heavy Rain, and that was always made clear.

bpac1234567893437d ago

im glad its something new‚ but to be honest i wasnt that impressed.

also the voice acting seems.... lackluster.

Daoshai3437d ago

^^ I agree, the voice acting and even the movement wasn't that thrilling. I felt a little disconnected with the moment to be honest.

Color me not impressed.

kevnb3437d ago

but indigo prophecy bored me after awhile, just not enough game to it.

7ero H3LL3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

......and this is the game that is said that 360 can't run, lol,

you know if this went multiplatform right now and you saw these pics you guys would be blaming 360 all over the place for no reason, right?

pixelsword3437d ago

...I know that screenshots taken from the PS3 directly from the console and put on a PC makes the game look worse than what you see (my MGS4 stills didn't look too good after I ported them)... but the hair from the guy looks too different from the woman standing in the rain in the trailer. Only a demo can sort this out.

Soon I hope.

pain777pas3437d ago

Really impressed this game is right up my alley. Can't wait and watch gametrailers piece it seems as if this is a game that we will always remember when its all said and done.

king dong3437d ago

it may have pretty graphics, but to me, and i'm sure to many many people, the game play looks incredibly lacklustre! and i'm thinking could easily become stale in minutes.

and please, will you idiots shut-up about "mature themed" as if anyone that doesn't have any interest in this undoubtable commercial and critical flop are kids.

just bring on the news of MAG, heavy rain can just disappear for all i care....i certainly wont be buying it.

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Why o why3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )




@ omni, yeah people should definitely pick up Indigo prophecy/Fahrenheit. Not perfect by any means but the story and execution was refreshing and immersive. There really wasnt anything out there quite like it on consoles

@ meetajhu, play Indigo first and then you'll understand that this game is not just qte's its just the parts people tend to show because they are movie-like

Kenshinhimurasz3438d ago

I can't wait to see this at E3 its going to be so cool
Very unique

40cal3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I really do think that Heavy Rain will change a lot of peoples perspective of what games can be as an entertainment medium. This has the potential to be a revolutionary title, I personally cant wait.

megatama3438d ago

I like how this game is different from games that ar on market this days..fresh

360isgreat3438d ago

Finally something different... Story seems incredible graphics looks solid.. Definitely playing!!!!! Saw it on gametrailers tonight on spike.

raztad3438d ago

Why are you in the open zone, and the trolls in gamer's?
What you said is true. Finally something new. I loved Indigo P, I know I'll love this one.

blackbeld3438d ago

I gonna buy this game!!!

likedamaster3437d ago

The only character that looks realistic is the main chick.

Heavy Rain = Interactive movie