Spawn Kill Review: Burnout Paradise City Cops and Robbers DLC

The Herp of Spawn Kill writes:

"Burnout Paradise is one of the greatest examples of how a game franchise can use downloadable content to continue to offer gamers a great experience long after the game's release date. Since January of 2008, when Burnout Paradise was released, we've seen a continuous flow of add-ons. They've brought us everything from classic movie cars, to more online game modes, to toy cars, and even the addition of motorcycles as Paradise City continues to grow. The latest update is the new Cops and Robbers online mode. This DLC comes with 33 new cop cars and a new capture the flag game mode. This is one of the best updates we have received from Criterion Games since the Motorcycle DLC!"

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Bartosss3437d ago

Criterion really knows how to keep a game alive, very sweet content.
CTF gameplay? awesome!

tigresa3437d ago

Damn, this game came out a while ago. They really ARE keeping it going. Burnout is the Fallout 3 of racing games.