Console Heroes: OutRun Online Arcade Review

Console Heroes writes: "I have always had a soft spot for Outrun since playing it in arcades as a young boy. So when news was announced that Outrun Online Arcade would be gracing the Xbox 360, I was pretty excited and could not wait to get my hands on it and play it. The original Outrun is still as playable today as it was in 1986, which shows the quality of Sega's original game.

Outrun Online Arcade surprisingly is a port of Outrun 2SP, and not a brand new game or an updated version of the original game. (The SP version of the game had different tracks to the original Outrun 2 game, with the SP standing for Special Pursuit,) That isn't to say that releasing a port of Outrun 2SP is a bad thing, as it is a great and very playable game..."

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