x360a: Virtua Tennis 2009 Preview

x360a writes: "SEGA's latest Virtua Tennis title is set to hit next-gen (are we really still using that term?) consoles on May 29th across Europe. With Sheffield based SUMO Digital still at the helm after taking over from SEGA's AM3 for Virtua Tennis 3, as usual the question remains; what do they have in store for the unsuspecting public?

VT 2009 utilises the same technology that its predecessor Virtua Tennis 3 used and feels very much like the same game, but this time with a little more substance and depth. The easy to pick-up-and-play controls return which allows the game to be accessible to beginners but with enough depth to leave VT fans striving to master some of the more extravagant moves to be able to one-up their opponents.
The substantial updates this year are attributed to the whole layout and depth of the World Tour mode, which now boasts a fully licensed Davis Cup, more in-depth customisation and tonnes of equally minded amateurs to pit yourself against before you enter the big times. Virtua Tennis 09 sees 20+ stadiums and 20+ fully licensed pros from Nadal to Murray, and Sharapova to Ivanovic, for players to get friendly with..."

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