Gamer 2.0: Texas Cheat'Em Review

Texas Cheat 'Em does a good job of offering a novel twist on the typical poker formula but suffers from a lack of players to make this is worthy purchase for the added value of multiplayer. Unless you have a good group of friends that are up for purchasing the game together, it's not worth it to buy this game to play with the few games that appear online throughout the day.

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StalkingSilence3435d ago

I've been looking for a review. Checking it out now.

StalkingSilence3435d ago

"It’s always a shame when games that rely on online multiplayer for the true replay value don’t sell well,"
could't agree more

"which seems to be where Texas Cheat ‘Em is after the first week after release."
CONFIRMED: i'm not buying it.

thanks for the info!