The Escapist Review: inFamous

Jordan Deam writes -

There's a lot to be said for games that give you the freedom to be a complete jerk. They often provide the starting point for some interesting conversations about morality and game design. In 2007, we kept asking each other "did you kill the Little Sisters?" and pondered what it meant about our play styles and our personalities. In 2008, the question was whether we knocked off swaggering gangster Playboy X or his recently paroled colleague Dwayne in GTA 4. And if Sucker Punch Productions had their way, we'd all be talking about which color lightning we picked in 2009's inFamous.

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JOLLY13438d ago

That seemed like a pretty fair review.

himdeel3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

...being good in Infamous takes WAAAY more skill. You have to act with purpose and precision like a real super hero.

I recall a Spiderman comic book from my youth where he was trying to teach some no-named hero the ropes. Some big hulking guy with a cape. In one panel Spiderman was trying to show him (using a sandbag shaped like a person) how to rescue someone from the ground using super strength without ripping their limbs off.

As much as Spiderman tried this b00b super hero in training kept pulling the person apart. So Spiderman tried in explain in the next few panels that although they had super strenght and pwoers more often that not the people that you decide to rescue will not, and you have to take this into consideration with EVERY action you make. He went on to explain that they couldn't be lax in their decsion making and being a hero means carefully considering every action before you make it. Even when saving people there is the possibility or creating casualties elsewhere.

Being a villian you can do whatever you want however you want, you're not restricted in any way. Just thought I'd share this since I was thinking about it...

Dipso3438d ago

Do yourself a favor and don't watch the video review summary..not just for the reason it's painfully dull, but because it contains quite a few spoilers.

Gamefan123438d ago

yea , that annoyed me.. though i kinda had a feeling something like that was going to happen

TenSteps3438d ago

Thanks for the heads up, it is greatly appreciated

nycredude3438d ago

Oh yeah, let me quess that you played and finished the game right. how much you want to bet this idiot didn't even finish the game?

Check his comments out. A bunch of people who don't have a Ps3 claiming the games looks boring, yet that they might check it out "if they have a ps3?

Reviewer sounds like a kid with ADDS. Almost every other review says the game has a great structure and the story is great yet this guy spends the whole review talking about moral ambiguity in games?

Reaching is what I call it. Advice to all people reading reviews, just play the demo tonight and make your own choice.

Dead_Cell3438d ago

When's the demo up,anyway?

njd823438d ago

She has to be the most uninformative, uncharismatic woman involved in video game journalism I have ever heard. For the sake of the future of the, they shouldn't let her near an article or review ever again.