Alpha Protocol's Dialogue System Demonstrated

One of the worst things about dialogue-heavy games is that it always feels like way too much effort to read and evaluate options. Alpha Protocol uses a strict timer for the next dialogue 'stance,' giving players seconds to guide the conversation. This appears to not only keep the experience quick, but also to string together a scene properly, rather than talk, ponder, talk.

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JeffGUNZ3441d ago

What about the people who read slow?

il-mouzer3441d ago

Then again I don't see myself choosing the right answer. I prefer thinking on what to choose to say, since the dialogue only shows the category of the tone and speech so if you say something "Professionally" you can't be sure if it's what you intended to say. Very similar to Mass Effect, only in ME you have a chance to evaluate your decision.

So this "DDS" is kind of a hit/miss situation. I guess one has to try it out to criticize it.

T-What3440d ago

I don't like nor hate it for one it makes since because you don't pause for 5 minutes in a conversation and it keeps the diolauge flowing and the story going, but its hard on people who have trouble reading fast and sometimes you might want to think about what to say next. Hopefully you can pause the game and decide if you have any of the latter problems.