Killzone 2 'Flash and Thunder' multiplayer add-on pack details and trailer video

Sony Computer Entertainment America and Guerrilla Games have announced the details of the next Killzone 2 multiplayer add-on pack, titled "Flash and Thunder". As you'll see in the video below, the environments will indeed provide a stormy, hostile setting.

Details from SCEA:
In the Beach Head map, the ISA must defend their stronghold after the Helghast land on the sandy Vektan beaches. As torrential rain and gale-force winds batter the landscape, the relatively small size of the level creates a frantic hand-to-hand battleground, with the water filled craters supplying only limited cover. Picking your way across the harsh terrain, you will find many opportunities to sneak up on the enemy and take them down at close range. And if you're able to get to them in one piece, there are also lots of higher ground sniper spots to explore…

In the Southern Hills map, the battle takes place around a central Helghast base on top of a hill. The compound is surrounded by smaller structures, creating a level that facilitates close-quarter fights within the built-up areas, as well as long-range shoot-outs in-between them. Ideal for 24 to 32 player games, the base camps in this version have been beefed up considerably, so expect to find more hiding places than in the original Killzone counterpart.

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TheExecutive3463d ago

Holy sh*t @ Beachhead. :O

ColossiSlayer3463d ago

Viscari's speeches & Rico's actions are the reason i select Helghast always in MP. Map pack looks nice but they need to bring out a Weapon Pack that brings back the secondary fire to all weapons, as well as Rico's gun, The Huge 50. Cal, & the Shadow Marshall's Silenced Gun.

prunchess3463d ago

I hope Guerrilla Games keeps this level of content coming.

It's just a pity it's costing as much.

legendkilla3463d ago

im not a huge fan of the last map pack, this one looks much better IMO

Rhezin3463d ago

If I remember correctly didn't the first Killzone weapons have secondary fire? And like A LOT more weapons.