In Defence of Dynasty Warriors

Aaron From That Aussie Game Site Writes: "The following statement will probably destroy all credibility I have but I now feel strong enough to come forward and say that my name is Aaron (hello Aaron) and yes I am a Dynasty Warriors fan. I love the games, I've even played the Wii game with the terrible motion controlled attacks. Naturally I feel a stab of anxiety when I read reviews for the games that blast them as repetitive rehashes with little inovation. So I now feel compelled to step forward and say yes, I love Dynasty Warriors (and Samurai Warriors incidentally) and with good reason. Hopefully the following words will be a floating buoy of hope, it's brass bell ringing sharply, as the stormy tides of negativity roll over it. At the very least the following article may convince a few curious souls to give the games a chance and if this fails I've always got the hunger strike to fall back on."

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