Final Fantasy XIII - How Will It Work on 360

Digital Foundry & Eurogamer write : We've had the Final Fantasy XIII demo for quite some time now, and our detailed analysis of the code

First things first. Despite some rumbling from certain quarters of the internet, the game engine is most definitely running at 720p resolution

To tell the truth, we're not looking at an exceptionally advanced engine here – this is no Uncharted or Killzone. Instead, it's all about the quality of the art assets, and we see nothing here to suggest that those assets won't be identical on the Xbox 360 version.

In some scenes we expect the 360 version to have the edge over the 'native' PS3 code.

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paracardium4063d ago

They have to dumb it down it down to make it equal with the 360 part so I really can't see 360 having the edge on anything.

Bleem3604063d ago

did you read the article at all?

HighDefinition4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

It`s so cute, when people think the 360 is more powerful then the PS3. It doesn`t mean the 360 sucks, its just can`t do what the PS3 can do, which is becoming more and more obvious w/ every exclusive game that comes out.

End Of Story.

lociefer4063d ago

and u guyz say eurogamer are not biased :D, good way of defending their console of choice

La Chance4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

was more powerful than the PS2.

The PS2 was still a 1000 times better.

Nobody cares about slightly better graphics on this or that console like the bunch of geeks that are on N4G.

Checkout KZ2 sales.

@below : yeah right lol, Ninja Gaiden alone looked a whole lot better.
Since you care so much about graphics its weird you think that.But hey thats your opinion!

HighDefinition4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

You know what`s weird about that....

IMO God Of War 2 was the best looking game of last gen.

sack_boi4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Here we go again...

anh_duong4063d ago

how would ffxiii work on the xbox?

same way it has always worked:

1. turn on the xbox

2. press the open disc tray

3. pop in the disc

4. press @ on the run game menu


green4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

lol that was so funny..bubbles man. I know thats how i am going to play it.

Pixel_Addict4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Does he have to? Are they making observations based on what FFXIII engineers have told them or are they making unfounded assumptions from their one and only semester of computer lab in HS? I think the latter is more likely.

I understand if they have proof or an interview from a seasoned professional or the FFXIII programmers themselves, but all they are doing are making wild assumptions based on nothing but pure amateur speculation.

Your bias is in your name genius. You might as well get that 10th profile made. That is what makes this article and you a total failure.

4063d ago
Why o why4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

ha ha,

unless its the .9% graphical difference on multiplats right....just go to 90% of the comparison articles of old and new and guess whos there spewing le crud...............2EZ

ps3 has proved itself time and time again this gen to be a graphics king spanning many genre. maybe thats why you say you care not for 'teh grafix'

seems you guys care more about 'teh salz' more than 'teh grafix' now, its funny

Ninver4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

lol EurineLamer is showing their delusional side. They actually believe the game will run better on the 360. That's a tsunami spin right there. Unless SE decide to gimp the game in any form or way, then it's a no brainer that the game will excel better on the ps3.

Uncompressed audio, textures and 1080p native says it all.

TheExecutive4063d ago

What a stupid article. As with almost ALL major multiplatform releases, they will look darn near identical. The only people who will ever see differences are those who nitpick for other agendas besides playing games (a.k.a fanboys).

Bleem3604063d ago

Only ever had one profile on N4G dude - I'm not in to having multiple logins for websites.

As for the so called bias - wrong again. Profile was created before I bought a PS3.

Yes - PS3 owner too.

Shadow Flare4063d ago

I really hate the way microsoft is ruining games this generation. SE are trying to make both versions the same, and has had to delay the game because the crappin 360 is a heap of fossiled red ringing garbage, and can't handle what the ps3 can do on its own. So thanks microsoft for ruining another ps3 exclusive, and thanks SE for kicking the company that put you where you are in the teeth. You lousy sell outs deserve to continue losing money

La Chance4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

You guys sure do care about sales when the Japan charts are out then act all "sales dont matter" when NPD shows PS3 dead last.Hypocrisy is in both camps

And yes to me graphics are important but far from being my first concern.I just come from finishing Suikoden 5 on my PS2.

UltimateIdiot9114063d ago

Let's look at it this way, if SE continues to go downhill. Sony can easily buy them out. But seriously, I don't know why SE keeps biting the hand that feeds and adore the one that keeps slapping them silly.

If SE pulls off anything stupid again this year at E3, I'm not sure how many true fans will they have remaining.

cayal4063d ago

"You guys sure do care about sales when the Japan charts are out then act all "sales dont matter" when NPD shows PS3 dead last.Hypocrisy is in both camps"

But they do love it when you add it all together and the PS3 comes out on top.

Why o why4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

as more of a retort to the constant barrage of 'NA being the only important place in the world' some may lord sales in Japan. Its no different from you...a french guy, jizzin over NPD NA ONLY source now is it. Sales will NEVER be my primary concern nor will you see that in any of my comments. Ill admit that some guys on both sides have lost their gaming souls for wannabe patcher/ stock holder ethics and you seem to be one of them so lets cut le crap eh. I play games not sales. I enjoy games but understand the importance of 'teh salz' of course

What i do care for more than sales is graphics. Yes Im a graphics whore. Yes the majority of old multiplats were technically or graphically a touch better on the 360. Things are different now though and differences are indistinguishable unless your specs are tinted. The ps3 is showing and proving each year from gt5 p to drakes, killzone to lbp but now the graphics argument is NOW meant to be redundant and taboo because guys like you, have after almost 4 years, still cling to gears and UE. Its easy to act like the 'bigger man' when everybody can see your actually the smallest. You sure cared about graphics in 07/08 though.......what happened??? ¬_¬

MNicholas4063d ago

Killzone 2, Uncharted and Uncharted 2, for example, are far more advanced from a a purely technical standpoint but then again those don't have to run on the 360. Having said that, the art and design is predictably superb.

As has been known for sometime, and reiterated in this article, doing HDR in high definition is pretty much out of the question on the 360.

SL1M DADDY4063d ago

I can see Squeenix offering up the better looking version ont eh 360 since that has been their console of choice this gen. Hence why their sales are dismal and their finances are getting hit. I care not for sales but when you continually release games on the system less popular in Japan and find that your revenues are dropping, it would seem the right choice to get with the program and make games for the PS3 and create a version of your flagship title, FFXIII for the PS3 that excels in every way and uses the Cell and BD drive to their fullest.

Sqeenix has been one big disappointment this gen. Sorry, but it's just MHO.

thewhoopimen4063d ago

I'm kind of sad to hear the that the Crystal Tools Engine won't even come close to the technical excellence that is in the Uncharted or KZ2 engine. It kind of explains why multiplat development isn't a good thing for big budget titles.

Plus the way Digital Foundry puts it, this Crystal Tools Engine seems to be geared toward PC dev or 360 dev, since it relies on MSAA (which the 360 has advantages in), and alpha blending (which again is a 360 EDRAM benefited feature). On the otherhand, physics interaction, motion blending, particle effects, and lighting which are ps3 strongpoints, are heavily downplayed.

40cal4063d ago

Lets all jump to conclusions based off of some old ass demo code. Yay!

WTF? Are we reviewing demo code now? I'll tell you what makes this whole article BS to me.

"In some scenes we expect the 360 version to have the edge over the 'native' PS3 code."

The 360 has NEVER ran a game better than the PS3 when the PS3 was used as the lead console in a dev cycle. These guys really think that the 360 is going to handle "native PS3 code" better than the PS3. Stupid asses. That's like trying to say that the Unreal Engine runs better on the PS3.

TapiocaMilkTea4063d ago

Usually Final Fantasy has some pretty impressive/innovative engines. FFXIII is no exception, but this time we are definitely limited by the Xbox version.

CaseyRyback_CPO4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

You guys are completely fooling yourselves if you think SE is going to bend over backwards for the PS3 version. These guys have been giving Sony the biggest middle finger I've seen all things considered. The PS2 was definitely responsible for a small amount of success for them, but you see how thats turned out.

MS has had nothing but games made for them(all mainly non AAA), Sony? Not so much. The biggest exclusive sony owners were looking forward to was definitely ff13, we all know many bought the platform just for it, because we want to see an amazing game developed, not just some BS gimped port because it has to run on a 360 arcade without a hard drive.

FF13 is getting gimped, there is no way in hell MS is going to allow 1 version to look like Killzone2, and the other version to look like whatever 360 owners pretend is an amazing game, something with the unreal engine im sure.

SE lied about how they were going to optimize and get the best out of all SPU's, that code isn't going to translate to PC/360 coding at all. And its not going to be worth it when just as many people will buy because they have no choice. Its like Madden, no matter how bad the game is people buy it. Because people love the themes/lore that goes on with it. I dont see SE spending the time, especially with their track record.

As soon as the 360 signed on, it was like "oh there goes that". ff13 could have been an uncharted/kz2.. this is SE and FF13 we are talking about here! These people push consoles to suicide damn near trying to get every ounce of performance out, because unlike 360 owners who pretend graphics don't matter, there is an art to making great visuals that rest in some thick gameplay. There is a reason we have "next gen" consoles, so that our games dont look like last gen games. We have seen all kinds of games gimped. If Uncharted is the standard, my PS3 game is gimped if it doesn't look like it, because thats where technology is right now.

You guys are going to be in for a shock if you're hoping FF13 is going to be phenomenal as it would have been without having to optimize for a HDDless system with DVD media.

TheTwelve4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Completely agree with Casey. Square-Enix has totally sold out their integrity for the sake of the dollar sign. He reminds me of the fact that it is indeed true that Square games used to be among the best looking games on Sony consoles. They could have done the same with the PS3 and with FFXIII, but now that hope is long gone as they bend over backwards for Microsoft.

Based on Microsoft's past actions, they have absolutely no shame or qualms with ruining a PS3 game for their benefit. Microsoft would love to win this generation, but that's not their real goal---they just want to drag Sony down enough to perhaps truly beat them in the next generation. One key in doing so is taking a dump on what used to be Sony's flagship titles.


4063d ago
y0haN4063d ago

La Chance is back, yay. We've all missed his distorted views.

cherrypie4063d ago

"dumb it down"

Dave shippy -- the lead behind the CPU on both PS3 and Xbox 360 -- said the two machines are "about equal".

So, the only person "dumb" here is you; dumb for believing the sony marketing. YET AGAIN. Every generation, Sony promises a super computer with crazy computing power, and each generation we know (by the end) that it was simply not the case.

GROW UP AND PAY ATTENTION. The PS3 is not superior hardware to the Xbox 360. That notion is *fiction* born of ignorance and Sony marketing.

Secondly, to address the central question of the story; "How Will It Work on 360"?

It may ship on multiple discs. That is all. Big deal. Who cares? I dont play 80 hour straight video game sessions. I played Blue Dragon for 100 hours, I changed each disc exactly **ONCE** per disc. That is it.

Do you really play the same game for a week straight? If you do, would it bother you to change the disc after 5 days of playing?

THAT IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE vision of how Xbox 360 will play FFXIII in any sense that it would be different than the PS3 version.

However, the game will be different in many other ways; Xbox LIVE and the NXE provide a gameplay experience that PS3 and PSN cannot match. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

JD_Shadow4063d ago

It's always the same people, is it?

Sad thing is, if devs come on this site and see those comments and believe them over anyone intelligent...

xwabbit4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

lol its fun to see delusional kids like la chance & cherrypie :)

pixelsword4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Me again.

Once again, I didn't read your article, so I can't say if your article makes any valid points, so I can't say if your article is good or bad. Yet once again, I'm posting your article because I don't like you guys.


We’ve had the Final Fantasy XIII demo for quite some time now, and our detailed analysis of the code (and by extension our first look at Square-Enix’s Crystal Tools engine) is now complete. First impressions? While the engine itself doesn’t particularly excel from a technical standpoint, it’s still a great-looking game, with much of the credit reserved for the development team's many artists.

First things first. Despite some rumbling from certain quarters of the internet, the game engine is most definitely running at 720p resolution, with clean visuals brought out thanks to the inclusion of 2x multisampling anti-aliasing. The inclusion of MSAA is somewhat rare on PS3, but very common indeed on Xbox 360. What is clear, however, is that Square-Enix is facing key technical challenges, with variable and sometimes disappointing performance in the demo code. Translated interviews suggest these issues have already been overcome, but in the here and now, the apparently outdated demo is all we have to work with.

Square-Enix is clearly targeting 30FPS for the game, but it is falling some way short in certain scenes and that’s generally down to the bewildering range of transparent alpha effects employed in the combat. This generally doesn’t tend to be so much of an issue for 360 (thanks to the daughter module of 10MB eDRAM connected directly to the GPU), but it can hit PS3 hard. The solution is generally to employ a lower resolution buffer for these effects (as seen in Killzone 2 and Red Faction Guerilla to name two examples), but right now, Square-Enix is adopting a zero compromise approach to the visuals in terms of visual effects and that’s what’s causing the lag. Where the company is compromising is with certain effects such as the characters’ hair. You’ll see an almost interlacing-style effect – it’s called ‘alpha to coverage’ and it’s an immense fill-rate saver, albeit at the cost of visual quality.

But any way, onto the technical analysis. We have two videos for you to digest, available in both embedded article format and streaming HD. Let’s get going.

The first video deals with a lot of what we’ve covered, along with further technical notes on how Square-Enix has achieved what they have with the demo.

A second video, with more action from the demo. Towards the tail-end of the vid, we try to put the engine under as much stress as possible to see much the frame rate can be impacted. You’ll also note that some scenes with multiple characters on-screen can also make a real dent in performance. What is interesting about the characters themselves is that while their heads are very highly detailed, the bodies have far fewer polygons in comparison. What is also curious is just how much Square-Enix relies on 2D artwork for the backgrounds, with token 3D objects overlaid to give a greater idea of depth. Again, the fact that it works as well as it does is entirely down to the quality of the art.

This final video is analysis-free and simply collates a range of the game’s pre-rendered video scenes. Final Fantasy XIII actually employs different types of cut-scene. There are the showpiece CGI scenes, which are rendered at full 1080p. Next up, there are what you might call engine replacement scenes. There’s nothing here that the engine itself couldn’t render, but it appears that Square-Enix has decided instead to off-load more complex scenes to pre-rendered video, allowing them to break out more crazy effects, higher detailed models and even 4x multisampling AA.

The way we see it, there’s both good news and bad news for owners of the Microsoft console. The good news is that from a purely technical perspective, looking at the game engine as it stands in the demo, there is literally nothing there that couldn’t be achieved on the Xbox 360, with perhaps one exception that we’ll get to later. To tell the truth, we’re not looking at an exceptionally advanced engine here – this is no Uncharted or Killzone. Instead, it’s all about the quality of the art assets, and we see nothing here to suggest that those assets won’t be identical on the Xbox 360 version.

In fact, the main cause of the frame drops in the PS3 demo (which Square has pledged to fix) shouldn’t cause many problems for the 360 at all. Square has clearly had issues handling transparent alpha textures – it’s the single biggest contributor to frame loss in the demo. And it’s the reason there’s a bizarre dithering around the characters’ hair. Due to the 10Mb of onboard eDRAM directly connected to the Xenos GPU, alpha blending has far less of an impact on performance with the 360. In some scenes we expect the 360 version to have the edge over the 'native' PS3 code.

While the eDRAM gives the 360 tangible advantages over the PS3 (it’s the reason why so many cross-format titles have anti-aliasing on 360 while it is omitted on the PS3 versions), 10Mb isn’t really enough for a full 720p framebuffer with the added overhead of anti-aliasing. Instead, developers switch memory in and out of the eDRAM in a process called ‘tiling’. This incurs an increased geometry cost for polygons that span more than one tile. In plain English? Realistically we expect the 360 version to match the 720p and 2x multisampling anti-aliasing of the PS3 game, but at a cost – the HDR lighting in the PS3 game will most likely be pared down from high range to medium range dynamic rendering.

Few games on 360 run with ‘proper’ HDR. Halo 3 is one of them, but this comes at a cost of a sub-HD resolution and no anti-aliasing. In the case of Final Fantasy XIII, the drop down to MDR simply makes more sense as opposed to savagely cutting down resolution or anti-aliasing. So aside from small changes to lighting, we expect the games to be totally like for like in the real time 3D sections, and due to that lightning fast eDRAM, there’s a strong chance that performance may actually be smoother. How small will the changes to lighting be? Considering we spent the best part of the day firing off 'is it proper HDR/isn’t it' emails to one-another, let’s just say that it’s highly unlikely any one will notice. A useful by-product of moving away from proper HDR on 360 will be that the alpha transparency issues the PS3 version has with the way it handles characters’ hair will most likely vanish.

As it happens, 3D performance is the least of our concerns. The one thing that surprised us about the demo more than anything else was its incredible reliance on streaming HD video from the optical disc. Even in a demo you can finish in 30 minutes, there’s a ton of it. Assuming the final PS3 game is on a single layer 25GB BD, conceivably the game would work as is across four DVDs on 360. But all bets are off should the game migrate onto a dual layer 50GB BD as has been suggested.

Lower quality video is of course an option, but the real question has to be why the FFXIII team is using video at all for most of this stuff. There’s really nothing here that couldn’t be done in real-time. The pre-rendered sequences are more effects heavy than in-game, with higher levels of detail, but Resident Evil 5 is a supreme example of how the carefully stage-managed cut-scenes allow for more expansive LODs and more ambitious effects – exactly what’s going on here. Our guess? Such scenes will indeed be real-time on Xbox 360, saving gigabytes of data over the PS3 version with only minimal amounts of difference in the quality of the visuals. Streaming in new game assets may well require additional loading time, however. Of course, it may well be the case that these videos are only there to supplement an incomplete engine, and that they will be replaced with real-time engine-generated scenes in the final PS3 game too. However, our bet is that Square-Enix will make use of the storage on offer and keep them as excellent quality video sequences.

The official line from Square-Enix is that work on the Xbox 360 game will only begin when the Japanese PS3 version of the game is complete later in the year. Our gut feeling is that this is not the case. While work on converting FFXIII itself may not be happening now, porting Crystal Tools engine that powers the game is another matter entirely (indeed, certain reports online confirm our thinking). If the core engine that runs FFXIII is being coded on 360 as we speak, as we suspect it is, you can bet that the team already have the methodology in place to convert the game, and will be addressing exactly the issues we’ve covered here.

7ero H3LL4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )


"The 360 has NEVER ran a game better than the PS3 when the PS3 was used as the lead console in a dev cycle.."

really, never ran a game better huh, DEADSPACE

"For those with both consoles, the more stable frame-rate makes the 360 build the one to have. There are platform-exclusive downloads - costumes and the like - but the smoother, more responsive 360 gameplay experience gives it the edge."



edit, now don't give me a lame excuse saying that that isn't legitimate. and i wouldn't be surprised to see most of you guys to be just out right sour and click disagrees for absolutely no reason other then to be rebellious, like a bunch of kids.

CRAIG6674063d ago

Read the article! why are PS fanboys such tools,its always a "mine's bigger than yours" thing with you guys!

I own both consoles and beleave me when i say if i ever start thinking like one of you,selling my PS3 will be the first thing i do!

Jecht4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

I agree pretty much with everything you had to say, because it's the truth, except for this one little thing..

"The PS2 was definitely responsible for a small amount of success for them, but you see how thats turned out."

Sony and the PS2 MADE Square-Enix (well more Squaresoft). There was nothing small about the success the PS2 gave Square-Enix.

But everything else you said was on point.

**EDIT** Read most of the article, and it seems that the site is being heavily biased. Baseless article anyway since they are using a dated demo for the PS3 version.

evrfighter4063d ago

"ff13 could have been an uncharted/kz2"

Im actually glad its not gonna be a kz2. It needs to sell well for there to be moar sequels.

I've always wanted a ps3 for this game. And Re5, but RE5 is comin out on pc and I can take my brothers 360 for a week in exchange that I buy ff13 for him.

40cal4063d ago

OK, so there is always an exception to a rule. This is because Dead Space ran on the Godfather engine, the engine for this game was not built from the ground up around the Cell architecture.

FamilyGuy4063d ago

If we end up getting in-engine cut-scenes rather than CGI on the PS3 version i will be pissed!

It would also be unfortunate if they gave PS3 owners CGI and 360 owners in-game/engine generated cut-scenes.

I really wish Microsoft would have just left this franchise alone or that Sony would have bought exclusivity.

1080p CGI cut scenes are great, don't remove them.

-EvoAnubis-4063d ago

"Nobody cares about slightly better graphics on this or that console like the bunch of geeks that are on N4G.

Checkout KZ2 sales."

That's weird....I didn't know sales had a goddamned thing to do with how good a game is. Thanks for clarifying that for me. Guess that means WiiSports is the best game this generation, huh?

Shepherd 2144062d ago

God of War 2 looked pretty good, but id say that either Halo 2, Doom 3, or Black looked the best last gen.

Matpan4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

WOW!!! just WOHA!!!! I cannot believe how much people whine!!! The game isn´t even out and EVERYONE seems to have the final word on it!!!!!

Why don´t you just wait??? When the game comes out, if it SUCKS you can spit on SE´s face and got to MS headquarters with torches and pitchforks... But how the HELL are you supposed to know wether this will be a good game or not?... Because it won´t sport KZ2 or Uncharted visuals? since when a game needed to look state of the art and use cutting edge console tech to be a great game or even look great? Art direction and resource management any??? Look at blizzard if not.. their games are GREAT, from both an aesthetical and gameplay point of view, and none of them are technical masterpieces, nor their engines push PC hardware´s limits... They just rely a lot on nice texture maps and use an overall outstanding art direction...

So before bashing a title that is not even out yet, specially from a company who has delivered 12 iterations of it already being quite good at it IMHO, you should wait and see. (so guess who knows how to best do a 13th... will that be a bunch of crying fanboys or maybe the company that did the last 12?? the answer is a no brainer ya know...)

That´s all I have to say. I am sick and tired of a stupid debate over company ethics and business moves. All I could ever care for is the game. And as far as I know, it´s not out yet. So do you already know it sucks? I recommend you put your crystal balls to a better use, maybe check out the lottery numbers?

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Antan4063d ago

Odd and pointless article. Even though they say its only the demo, and of course SE have said any niggles/flaws will be ironed out come release, they still do the test on it? Seems like a waste of time. Test the final release not the demo.

SolidAhmed4063d ago

when i realized that the article is from euro gamers.

Don't waste your time in worthless articles

Omega44063d ago

"In some scenes we expect the 360 version to have the edge over the 'native' PS3 code"

Well if the past is anything to go by this will undoubtable be true, the only real thing the PS3 will have over the 360 version is it will be on one disc, but multiple discs are far better than a 5GB 10 minute install anyday.

HighDefinition4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Yes, needing a backpack to take your game to you friends house is SUPER COOL.

Omega44063d ago

And how exactly to you plan on taking your PS3 version? In your pocket!?

Why o why4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

they dont scratch see:)

your gunna need that manbag bro;)

lloyd_wonder4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

And when you install the game onto your 360, you still have to switch discs... (SO4)

What's your point again?

siyrobbo4063d ago

depends on how you plan to play the 360 version. if i end up getting it i'll install it anyway as thats what i do with all my 360 games now

StephanieBBB4063d ago

Look at the facts!

The demo is around 5.8 gigs.

That is uncompressed sound/textures and more.

A dvd-9 can store up to around 7.8 gigs. They will have to compress (or cut) the sh|t out of the content to fit the game on less than 4-5 dvd-9 discs.

How will compressed sound/textures look better than uncompressed sound/textures?

Some people should have an red R stamped on thier forheads...

divideby04063d ago

cherry pick one comment in a game which is over 9 months away...keep hoping..
even though we own all the consoles...we are getting the PS3 version.
there is no way the 360 version will look better than the PS3 version, 9 months from now

Omega44063d ago

lol good luck with that Why o why cause at least i know my discs wont snap in half when i go to sit on a train or bus and i will actually be able to play the game when i get there

@ lloyd_wonder

But i dont HAVE TO install it though do I

HighDefinition4063d ago

Ahhh, Actually I`ll just put it on the dashboard of my SUV, the 360 version might need to go in the trunk.

LOL, I`m just jokin around, so don`t take it personal.

rockleex4063d ago

I'll agree that FFXIII will most likely require an installation on the PS3. Mainly because that's what all Japanese developers do.

But they wouldn't have to if they knew how to optimize loading times by streaming in the background, etc.

For example the best looking games this generation, Uncharted and Killzone 2, had NO installations and had quick load times.

k jules4063d ago

The demo is 5,8 GB so you think they can put the full game (demo is about 1.5 hours, full game 50+ hours) uncompressed on one Blu-Ray?
That's just ignorant thinking, they will need to compress the PS3 version to get it on blu-ray. The 360 version is gonna be even more compressed, but the DVD-Drive can read and load things a lot faster, so the difference will be not as big as you might think

Pixel_Addict4063d ago

they only problem with your 'logic' is that you are completely wrong.

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I LOL AT U4063d ago

This game is made for the Cell, the 360 can't handle half of that. Killzone 2 and Uncharted are proof, deal with it.

siyrobbo4063d ago

cant handle half of what? that makes no sense

maxcer4063d ago

did you get your degree at harvard or princeton?

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