Penny Pinching For Gamers

GNZ writes:
"With the full swing of a recession, gamers are looking to get the most out of their money. Now is a better time then ever to find game savings online and instore. With company's trying to get the most out of their consumers, many are trying to give gamers incentive to continue to shop at their store. With the reach of the internet and just a small amount of time, deals on various games are everywhere.

The first thing that comes to most gamers mind when trying to find cheap games, is to go used. The used video game market has exploded in the last couple years as brand new games start climbing higher in price. And the first place gamers go for used games?..."

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BWS19823463d ago

of SNES, so I wouldn't agree on that topic, but whatever. I go to Cheap ass gamer to check out deals, they cover online and in store deals and are up to the minute practically....

pompidu3463d ago

Playstation 1 games (as far as I can remember) brand new were 49.99$ and Playstation 2 and Xbox games new were 54.99$. Could be wrong though.

BWS19823463d ago

because they're disc based. I'm used to the cartridges though, and those were always $60 since the SNES days. N64 was the same, Perfect Dark and all, were $60 new. I bought Donkey Kong Country 2 for SNES brand new from Best Buy for $60 over a decade ago.

Xbox 1 games when it was brand new were often $60 too from where I shopped but that was in the early 2000's when it was current.

If you account for inflation, $60 now is actually a steady price raise from the prices of a few generations ago, as inflation has gone up more than 10 or 20 % in 2 decades....not bad considering the budget of game development in the current day.