First Details of Heavy Rain

Today received absolutely reliable information about one of the most awaited PS3 games: Heavy Rain. We will list and explain some details that we've obtained and that will spread on the web as soon as possible.

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Kain814069d ago

Looked already like a Blockbuster Movie/Game
Pre-order confirmed...

- Ghost of Sparta -4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

- 4 playable characters
- Game length depends on how good you are at investigating
- Different endings
- Characters will eventually cross paths
- Many different paths = Good replayability
- No such thing as "game over", the plot will go on and you'll face the consequences later

Welcome to last year, this is all old.

Everyone should check this link on Friday.

Beast_Master4069d ago

It didn't say 4 playable characters did it? It said multi. Anyway if you mess up a bunch you get the bad ending and if you are really good you get to see the good ending like Indigo Prophecy.

Fishy Fingers4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

4 playable characters

Sadly, silhouettes are all that have been shared thus far. Although top-left certainly looks like the playable women we've seen in the videos.

GVON4069d ago

more or less everything thats been said before

UnwanteDreamz4069d ago

Nothing really new to see here folks move along.

thegood334069d ago

Dragons lair is back!!!!!

DasBunker4069d ago

wow thats really awesome and interesting, im all in for an amazing SP experience.. im sick of FPSs and their mediocre 5 hour campaigns

thebudgetgamer4069d ago

to let the characters die and see how it plays out


Bathyj4069d ago

Heavy Rain Will Blow Your Mind

"I'm really restricted to what I can say here, but I just wanted to get a couple chimes in about Heavy Rain. I've recently had the opportunity to get a glimpse of some new gameplay footage, and I was absolutely floored. Heavy Rain is so dynamic and alive, it'll blow your mind. No one I've spoken to can confirm if E3 2009 will see the same footage I saw yesterday, but I have done all I can to encourage them to show some of what they've shown me. We're talking physics, dynamic story-telling, insane graphical updates since E3 '08--it is an amazing game and a contender for Game of the Year."

Yeah, sounds just like Dragons Lair.

talltony4069d ago

Another exclusive for 2009 plus all the great multiplatform games coming out!

cayal4069d ago

I didn't realise Heavy Rain was out in Fall 2009.

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Fishy Fingers4069d ago

Yep, the only thing I'd say was in anyway "new" was different length games which is obvious as the game is about investigation and exploration. The more you do, the longer the game.

lloyd_wonder4069d ago

Yeah. You don't want to go around getting your characters killed.

Pretty eager to learn about the story.

Nikuma4069d ago

Interested to see how the length in this game plays out. 4 hours if you're bad 12+ if you're good? Not quite sure how this will work...sounds interesting tho.

Can't wait for E3.

Fishy Fingers4069d ago

Like any other game, the more inquisitive you are the longer the game will be. I just imagine HR will take this to the extreme, as David Cage is all about the story, but you'll have to work though it yourself, he wont just hand it to you in a simple cut scene after each "level". You'll have to work for it.

Hallucinate4069d ago

what that means that the quicker you kill your 4 characters the quicker the story end

koston36474069d ago

no realtime action or combat.....that we know of now still doesn't change this day 1 purchase

nightelfmohawk4069d ago

Too many to keep track of. >_<

Heavy Rain
Demon's Soul (NA Release)
White Knight Chronicles
Uncharted 2
God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
Quantum Theory
Final Fantasy Versus XIII

And that's just off the top of my head.

-MD-4069d ago

I know man it's crazy could you imagine owning both consoles though like me? It's like double your list!

nightelfmohawk4069d ago

Well, I can kind of imagine. I have a gaming PC (though it's been collecting dust since I quit WoW last November), a PS3, and PS2. And I only just got my PS2 when it dropped to $99 brand new, so I'm still trying to catch up on the huge library of PS2 games I missed out on. :)

I may also buy a Wii if Nintendo has even a decent E3 showing since I miss GCN games and am interested in some Wii games.

blackmamba7074069d ago

I think you forgot the biggest dopest groundbreaking breathtaking, faceslamming game of them all, you deserve a slap! >_<
...I hope you know that title by now

nightelfmohawk4069d ago

whoops, yeah, I forgot Trico Project. Definite day 1 as well. :)

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