Planet Xbox 360: Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "As old as some retro games seem, none are as tragically aged and irrelevant as the Leisure Suit Larry franchise. The entire point of the game in the eighties was to get to see some sexy pixilated women while trying to hide the fact that you were playing it, from your parents. With the newest game you will want to hide the fact you are playing it from your friends to avoid the shame of playing something so jaw-droppingly terrible. You play the role of Larry's porn-obsessed nephew, also named Larry. Box Office Bust opens with Larry Lovage receiving a call from his now-famous uncle, now in charge of his own porn film studio. Uncle Larry is afraid there is a mole working to sink his studio. You take on low-level jobs in the studio, like delivering mail, to gather information in an effort to root out the mole. Outside of the bland plot, you realize who the mole is the moment you see them and are left wondering why nobody else in the company can seem to figure it out."

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