Leisure Suit Larry creator talks dirty about the past and future of the mature series

Joystiq: "After seeing success, both Leisure Suit Larry and his creator Al Lowe fell upon dark times. Lowe and his polyester-clad protagonist have lived through the rise and fall of Sierra On-Line, multiple intellectual property changes, and two very poor attempts at bringing Larry to a new generation of gamers"

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PaladinXII3124d ago

And now I remember why I hid Larry from my parents. Great interview.

CrzyFooL3124d ago

I think that picture is from Larry 5 if I recall. Ah, the good old days of adventure games... where you "almost" saw boobs.

Now games just throw boobs in your face. Much less fun.

KingNintendoFanboy3124d ago

I think my parents hid Larry from me.

ostgar3124d ago

Almost boobs are much more enjoyable than full on boobs. My imagination creates much better boobies than what reality throws at me.

Batmau53124d ago

I was never allowed to play these games.. but now I'm a grown man. I CAN DO WHAT I LIKE, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Vagrant3124d ago

Also wasn't allowed to play as a kid :p

BlackjackCF3124d ago

Yet another game that my parents forbid me to play.

Then again they forbid me to play all videogames. ASIAN PARENTS FTW