Mirrors Edge Ahead of it's Time?

Don @ writes:

"Everyone saw the commercials for Mirrors Edge with the perfect 10/10 score from Play Magazine. Just about everyone who saw that and then played the game likely said "……………huh?". I have only played the Mirrors Edge demo and just from the demo, I could see developers taking the next step in gaming evolution."

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Arsenic133490d ago

Hopefully E3 shows a sequel. This game was amazing. Beautiful art, awesome gameplay. And a map editor was rumored for part 2 before ME1 came out so that would be great.

You Already Know3490d ago

the gameplay was definitely a step in the right direction as far as gaming as a whole goes...

but the game itself gave my a mixed reaction towards it....but I see serious potential in the style of gameplay implemented...

SlaughterMeister3490d ago

released before it was finished, then yes, it was.

SpoonyRedMage3490d ago

I was thinking about this when I was playing Left 4 Dead but I think a Mirror's Edge style game based on running with zombies chasing you and everything would be a nice change from all the zombie shooters. It could actually be an Survival Horror Action game.

spectyre3490d ago

at my local Sam's Club for $18.46. I almost bought it but I'm getting inFamous in a few days.