First Killzone 2 Flash and Thunder Screenshots

GOONL!NE: First Killzone 2 Flash and Thunder Shots are here.

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L-Teezy3441d ago

i hope theyre better than the last 2.

redsquad3441d ago

What was up with the last two (in your opinion)?

I thought the Vektan Cruiser was ace.

Cwalat3441d ago

Would love to see it in action, since these screens dont do the game justice...

ZombieNinjaPanda3441d ago

Theres a couple hundred links for the video here I'll find you one:

Ju3441d ago

@Hellangelzx, now that's better. Thx for the link.

_Q_3441d ago

Our Wallets and Thumbs are starting to hurt! lol
The PS3 is getting so much love now...great time to be an owner.

supahbad3441d ago

no don't say stop, i want KZ2 to get tons of maps, hopefully as many as halo2 did because that is what makes the multiplayer portion of the game, THE MAPS

Tion213441d ago

Your wrong..its a better time t obe a 360 owner because we are getting..uh what again? Halo lol...360 has squat now..Until MW2 comes out.

Anyway those screens look great considering screens don't do the game Justice. The yare very artistic. Gonna be annoying wit hthe invisible people everywhere. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.