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snaz273464d ago

but 2 more maps for (i bet) another 5 quid! nah sorry gg ill pass or get em off a friend for free again like i did steel and titanium... just price them reasonably like 2 quid 2 maps and they will fly out the door... 5 quid is way way too much for 2 maps! i payed like 6 pound odd for the pinball game which to me is money far better spent

joemayo763464d ago

def picking this up loved beachhead but southern hills (dont remember that map its not the snow map right?)

GG also needs to bring back that assault mode where theres the 3 generators per side and teams have to protect theirs while trying to destroy the other teams i know its kinda the concept as assassination but it was fun as hell.

Chubear3464d ago

YES! That mode was AWESOME! great team strategy needed for that mode. I'll be replaying those KZ1 maps and brace myself to see them in Edge Engine glory.

orakga3464d ago

Don't get me wrong, I loved the last two maps, but the fact that the game is not well-designed for people who want to play together, these DLCs actually only hurt the KZ2 community.

Let me give an example...

After the Steel/Titanium pack came out, we were excited to play on those maps, but playing together had become even harder than before because:

1) Divided community: Not everyone buys the new maps. So only a small subset of games are played on the new maps.

2) Faction-balancing turned on by default: Faction-balancing is overrated and unnecessary IMO. And to make things worse, the default gamemodes all keep these turned ON. That means... in order to play with your friends, you are forced to look for a game made specifically by someone who bought the new maps AND has faction-balancing turned off. Believe me... these are impossible to come by.

At the end of the day... we actually STOPPED playing KZ2 after the new maps came out. Which is quite ironic and sad... because the game itself is fine. But getting to play with your friends is so badly implemented in this game that it's a huge turn-off.

MGO (Metal Gear Online) had similar issues too... with the community being severely fragmented as Konami released new maps at exorbitant prices... but at least they didn't force faction balancing...

Oh well..

GG, I really hope you put in that play-with-friends feature soon.

Darrius Cole3464d ago

Killzone needs a party system of some form. It is the single most important thing that they could do.

I think that the problem is that KZ2 uses a list-of-servers format instead of a matchmaking format. That makes it difficult to search for games as a group. I think that GG could still do some things to make it easy for us to make friends on the fly and to play with the friends we have already made.

A while ago someone mentioned that GG was considering making squads consistent across game types. That would help.

I think that KZ2 needs some form of invite/reservation system whereby we can reserve spots for a certain length of time for our friends who are not in the game.

I think they need to kill the rank balancing. I have had friends who could not join me because my rank too high and they couldn't join my room.

I heard that Seb confirmed that they will allow us to see the parameters of the rooms before we jump in. For example we will be able to see which classes are turned on or off before we jump in. Personally, I think that is going to effectively kill the Assault class.

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s1lens33464d ago

Freaking awesome, hope they bring back all of them! and the 203's...

MetalGearBear 3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

no free. I bet it 6$.

Fishy Fingers3464d ago

I share these between friends. We'll take it in turns buying, share PSN accounts, DL and play together. Works a charm.

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Rhezin3464d ago

damn that's awesome. Since they're old maps I hope they tack off a couple bucks from the $6 price tag of the last one.

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