Top Marketers Talk Next Generation

Leading marketers from EA, Ubisoft and Midway have been debating next generation marketing, working with first parties and turning a turkey into a hit.

At MI6, the game industry's marketing conference, the following execs sat on an opening panel session, hosted by Geoff Keighley...

Steve Allison
Midway Games

Helene Juguet
Director of Marketing

Doug Scott
Entertainment Marketing

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FeralPhoenix6181d ago

As a gamer I'm very excited about this "next generation". I think there will be alot of surprises because it will be some very close competition. It seems everybody invovled in the business has something good to say about M$ and Nintendo...and indirectly something negative about Sony...Im no Sony hater but I'm guessing their business strategy and attitude has rubbed alot of people the wrong way....we keep hearing negative things about Sony all the can't just be a coincidence. Yeah M$ has had some hic-cups like Moore with the whole backwards compatibility statement, but unlike Sony he apologized and corrected himself. I think people believe Sony has a solid brand but I think Sony should do something about their image right now. Really.

THAMMER16181d ago (Edited 6181d ago )

But I still think they will be fine. I have a 360 and would like Sony to be competitive.