Conduit dev will go 'much further' with next game

The Conduit isn't even out yet, but that hasn't stopped High Voltage from getting Wii-owners excited about its next game. Chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger has told that it's prepared to go even further than The Conduit with its future titles.

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ChickeyCantor3440d ago

If HVS can push more out of the Wii system, then other developers should atleast take note from now on.
I mean after the Conduit, Lots of Wii-owners will expect those capabilities as a standard from any "hardcore" game.
(not saying all owners will, but you know how it goes).
And this is where HVS might set a standard( and i hope the fully customizable control interface ) on the Wii.

I wish them success, other developers should really take note...its nicer to see something you bought to be used properly for consumers.

Gr813440d ago

Having played the Conduit at the Comic-Con (still rubbin it in Product lol), I can say that the customizable controls is something that NEEDS to be incorporated in every Wii FPS to come. In a way it is sort of like a mini game all to itself.

People can cry generic all they want, but the bottomline is when you see this game in person you really do have to say o $hit, thats a Wii game? Art Direction isn't no Prime 3, but come on, how many games can stand up to that sort of Art Direction? Technically it blows alot of Wii games out of the water.

But again, it comes down to the controls, the game has a very "GoldenEye" feel to it, and it moves silky smooth. I only had about 10 mins with the game, but I am definitely looking forward to June 26.

See you Online!

I_am_rushin3440d ago

I hope by going farther they mean that they will be moving on to the real next gen consoles.

ChickeyCantor3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Yeah, it is pretty impressive how they pushed this out of the wii and according to them its not the end either.

People can bash the game for its artstyle but...that is not really relevant to the point when we talk engine capabilities.

F-zero or Metroid with this engine( EVEN if metroid would be 2D) i think they could really shine.
(Not saying Nintendo doesn't have some awesome features in their engine).

People don't know the difference between art-style and engine...

And did i get an ignore just for that post?

Still hope Wii developers take note, its just sad a company who lived off on movie/cartoon franchises to do such an amazing job, while there are huge companies who havn't even reach this point on the Wii...
No offense to HVS, i think its awesome what they did.

" the real next gen consoles."
Yeaah you go play "real" consoles, ill play my Ps3/Wii with imaginary games...

N4g_null3440d ago

Sidar every gen a pioneer is made. It nice to see one being made right now. I can't wait to see what they are doing and to see how far other are behind or *GASP* in front of them! Console gaming is all about trickery!

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TheBand1t3440d ago

Nice to see a Wii developer taking their sh!t seriously instead of making minigames for a quick buck.

deadlyliquidx3440d ago ShowReplies(2)
Achtung3440d ago

deadlyliquidx -3 - this game is gonna suck
and so will its sales and sequel, belive that.
the wii is for casuals and those die hard nintendo queers.

"Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines
Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone."

Funny that they don't penalize people who insults the Wii

Gr813440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Not really, I've pretty much come to expect it now. But say anything negative or trollish about the PS3 and your looking at a ban or deleted comment.

CobraKai3440d ago

Had he mentioned "wii-tards" or "wii-ners" then maybe.

tiamat53440d ago

I apologize to Wii owners and would like to tell you I am not a Nintendo hater. But this game is one of the ugliest things I have seen in a long time. The company claims it is the best Wii game to date but every time I see it all I see is Bad AI, Golden Eye N64 graphics and gltchy, pixalated game play. And this has nothing to do with hating Nintendo. I just think that WII owners should demand better then games that look like they belong on the N64 or SNES. Come on, this game doesn't even look as good as Killzone on the PS2 did and I doubt it plays any better

Gr813440d ago

A sentence starts by saying "No offense, but" or explaining what they are not, it is usually followed by..nosense. No disrespect.

ChickeyCantor3440d ago

"But this game is one of the ugliest things I have seen in a long time"

Sure whatever, ugly? perhaps.(always entitled to our own opinion right?_
However the engine is capable of doing allot with such lil power compared to the other two consoles. Don't you think?
Either way you will continue to bash how ugly it is but sure...

Shnazzyone3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I apologize to people who bash on things they've barely seen or even payed attention to. But there's a huge difference between killzone and Conduit... mostly KIllzone 1 sucked balls and played like crap. It's story was garbage and the ai was dumb. Are you sure your not confusing video or gameplay you have seen of killzone 1 with the conduit? Because Dual analog controls suck... wii controls are far superior and you don't know what your even talking about so before you say anything else... remember. Killzone 2 sold less units then Halo 3 last month and 10 to nothing this will outsell killzone 2 as well. I'm sorry your killer app was not worth the hype but don't take it out on wii owners FPS options. You don't like it then don't play it... that's what i did with ps3 and killzone 2 you can do the same with wii and conduit.
Have fun! :D

N4g_null3439d ago

If you only see golden eye graphics then you must have had a great N64! There was no normal mapping or texture work at all almost. I think your memory is failing you right now. The Ai buggy? really well I hear it will hand you your a$$. On top of that the multiplayer will be even more fun because the controls will be more accurate.

Hey we all know what ever we say will not get to you and even if you play it you won't accept it as a good game till you are hooked on it. That's ok it's expected in most developers eyes for their to be some resistance but I'm sure this game will grow on you and surprise you in a few places that really do matter. Sure some locations are not that great but a large portion of this game does look really good.

I don't really liked the trashed look and I'm glad it is limited in this game also.

Back to the subject, It will be the game that changes your mind. I felt the same way about halo and still do in some parts but I understand why so many people like it now. It was their first FPS experience in a lan party setup. This is why people must have online play, the lan party idea is so so addictive. This is also why the new mario kart is crushing all others.

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