Expect Epic Announcements at Microsoft's E3 Conference

ButtonMasher writes: Epic in origin, and perhaps even Epic in impact. The feedback from Epic games in setting up appointments for E3 is that Epic's announcements for the event will be made by Microsoft at their press conference.

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Unbiased14348d ago

they will announce their next multiplatform game on MS press confenrece and everyone will act as if it is exclusive.

DelbertGrady4348d ago

Who cares what level of exclusivity it holds? It's a new game from Epic! Anyone who owns a 360 or PC should be happy =)

I think it will be a new IP and that Gears of War 3 will be a launch title for the next console.

donator4348d ago

Gears of War 3 confirmed.

Cajun Chicken4348d ago

Hopefully better than Gears, I know Epic can do better and its probably time to give UT a rest since UTIII, just didn't seem to have the same charm as 2K4.

People Can Fly? Ooh, that could be good.

WhittO4348d ago

lol like they do for their entire press conference, this year i expect almost all of their games that are shown to be multi-platform and steal a huge exclusive like MGS.

4348d ago
Bombomb4348d ago

so 360/pc fans will be more alert.

Tony P4348d ago

As for new games, I'm curious what Epic could do with a different genre besides ____-person shooter. Or maybe they'll just stick with what they know. Ah, the possibilities.

xwabbit4348d ago

Soda Popinsky i doubt that, they killed the UT franchise with freaking ut3. More UE3 games ? No thx

AAACE54348d ago

Technically the games are exclusive! You can't get it on the Wii or the Ps3!

Now I know the inner fanboy in you wants to say, "But you can get it on PC as well, so it's not exclusive!"

The typical PC gamer is of a different breed. PC gamers don't respect consoles... and yes, that means they don't respect the all powerful Ps3 as well! They don't even consider console games. All they care about is if a game is on PC!

I have run into several PC gamer idiots trying to prove to me that i'm wasting my money buying consoles, and that I could just buy the games on PC. But, I just don't like playing games on a PC, which is probably why I prefer consoles.

PC games just don't feel right to me for some reason... Kind of like how a Ps3 fanboy feels when they play a!

Console and PC gaming are on different levels and cannot truely be compared or linked to eachother in my opinion. When a game comes out, if it wasn't for the fanboys, I would have never known the game was on PC as well, because I have no intention to buy a PC game.

ShabzS4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

ur right pc gamers are smug s.o.b.'s... but i think they've earned it if they have invested in a powerfull rig... i used to be one of them back in 04... but now my pc is just crap...

Nikuma4347d ago

I enjoy PC gaming very much but I still love console games. Some games are just much better on the PC. FPS for example are overall much better played on the PC. Dedicated server with virtually no lag and a superior control scheme just makes FPS online and off that much better. Games like Starcraft and Diablo that you can only find on a PC are amazing games. Consoles however had fantastic exclusive games that you can't find on the PC. Action adventure games and Third person shooters IMO are best on consoles. I can't play Demon's souls, Uncharted, Infamous, God of War, or numerous RPGs on the PC. It is great being able to experience the best of both worlds and to limit yourself to only consoles or only PC is just silly IMO.

PotNoodle4347d ago

Exclusive means it can only be found on one platform. Both the 360 and PC are gaming platforms.

I get most, if not all these so called exclusive games on 360 anyway, but excluding the PC is stupid and ignorant - so i'm not sat here saying that i will be buying these games on PC anyway, like some of the sony fanboys on here.

Honestly, the fact is - you don't have to buy a 360 to play some of those games - which means the game isn't exclusive.

The same can be played against the PS3 too:
The Agency won't be exclusive (PS3 & PC)
DC Universe won't be exclusive (PS3 & PC)
Free realms isn't exclusive (PS3 & PC)

free2game3654347d ago

considering Microsoft said they weren't making any new PC game announcements, expect it to be 360 exclusive.

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xhi44348d ago

God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
Ninja Gaiden 2 with enhanced features (oh and graphics)
War Devil
Ratchet and Clank
Heavy Rain

and all the other annanounced games.........=D

The Meerkat4348d ago

Thats almost the same list PS3 owners have been talking about for the last 2 1/2 years!

Were you taking one off the wrist while writing your list?

slave2Dcontroller4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

I love my PS3 more than all the other consoles but lets be honsest here, an EPIC game has the ability to hold its own against any of the games on that list.

They also have a new engine. Gears is an AMAAAAAZING franchise, so amazing that it made my PS3 lovin ass buy a 360. I wont be left out in the cold on Anything GeOW related. Personally I wanna see GeOW3 on their new UE. If not, something new and better, even though I cant imagine them topping Gears but who knooooooooows.

Bombomb4348d ago

un announced/unproven games?

Pootangpie4348d ago

the trailer was a 2 year old tech demo and pre rendered Seriously Try rubbing it in our faces when you actually see some gameplay footage

AAACE54348d ago


When Ninja Gaiden 2 was released on 360, it wasn't considered a heavy hitter for MS' line up. But now it is releasing for Ps3, it is suppose to be magically that much better...?...


Gotta love those fanboys I tell ya! A game is only great if it's on their console.

GiantEnemyCrab4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Is this in the PS3 section you trolling POS?

Whats the point of your comment? GTFO! You and the rest of the trolls who the admins on this site can't seem to get control of.

This is about a 360 exclusive from Epic and it's getting ridiculous that EVERY SINGLE TIME a major piece of news hits the 360 it is completely ruined by stupid posts from people like yourself.

- as many bubbles as I can take.

The Master Chief4347d ago

What makes PS3 owners think anyone really cares about those games. I don't see any big franchises on there. God of War is good and Gran Turismo is big....everything else will speak for itself when sales release...and the first 2 God of Wars didn't even have crazy numbers. Sold maybe 3 million.

You guys have been waving around the same list for 3 years now, its just so funny at this point.

MicroSony4Life4347d ago

what the bloody h3ll is your problem? What does your list have to do with EPIC and Xbox360.

I know I am not the first one to say it but the rabid PS3 fan on N4G are getting out of hand now. Every time I open a 360 related article I see 100 trolls commenting on it. We get your point, to you Microsoft is evil and they want to take over the world and you feel like its your duty to convince people to buy a PS3.

I know both camps have a fair amount of trolls but the PS3 trolls act like a bunch of 10 year old kids, my console is better than yours, grow up.

PotNoodle4347d ago

Honestly.. what has the PS3 got to do with this?

Morgue4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

I'd like to see some new footage or something on this. Do they even update that site anymore?

velaxun4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

why do people wave the sales flag around so much? As has been said before sales != quality. Look at some of the greatest games in history, for example Argonauts and Ico/SotC. Not huge heavy hitters in the sales department, but excellent games none the less. The only thing that high sales levels prove is that a game is mainstream. It appealed to a vast group of individuals who then bought the game.

In my opinion sales are just a security blanket for people that feel the need to prove that the game they purchased is worth it, because he"hey! if 7, 999,999 other people all bought this same game, it can't possibly be bad right? Right??" Just enjoy the games you buy, if you like Barbie pony princess, good on ya! You don't need sales to justify a purchase if you genuinely enjoy a game.

/end rant

lol sorry it's kinda long but I hope some of you guys can at least see my point? This wasn't a fanboy attack or anything like that, just me pointing out my inability to understand why people focus on sales data so much. Unless you own stock in the company releasing the game... then I guess I can understand

PS I didn't put any disagrees on your post chief, nor was mine a personal attack in any way, yours just happened to be one of the many posts about sales that I saw today

JD_Shadow4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Not to say that trolling should be allowed anywhere nor am I condoning such a thing by saying this, but it's ironic that there's so much complaining about trolling by a PS3 fanboy in a 360 related story when 360 fanboys do it non-stop in PS3 related stories and it seems to never even get a peep out of anyone (the old "we're allowed to troll in YOUR space but you can never troll in OUR space" business). And fanboyism and trolling on BOTH sides is getting too rabid. Why blame just one side when the other is just as guilty of doing it? I've never got that.

What I think he meant was that one game announcement might not be enough to tackle the very strong lineup the PS3 has for 09 (which, I think, is pretty much shot for the 360 (09 is, I mean) unless the Halo games come through more for them and they have something up their sleeves for THIS year). I don't think he said it that WELL, but I think that's what he was TRYING to convey.

This better be a DAMN good game from Epic, too, because my 360 is collecting dust over here without much to look forward to on the console. I know there are current games to have, but nothing really interest me right now.

Matpan4347d ago

Oh! a list!!!

Wait... a couple of games there have already been released... and some others are not yet confirmed for this year.

But, most important of all: WHAT THE HELL has that list to do in this place????

You see, you are in the 360 section, commenting on a News regarding a new title from EPIC (you know, the ones who made the two gears of war games...)

Why don´t you crawl back to your troll cave and chew on your finger while you wait for the games on your list, for a change?

JD_Shadow4347d ago

ALL those games will probably rock (and have already when talking about Killzone 2 and Infamous, judging by the reviews the latter is getting), hopefully along with whatever Epic has planned for the 360, by the way. Let's not get TOO carried away. This is a DAMN good time to be a gamer, and his list just further tells us this.

If MS does what I HOPE they do at this year's E3 (less "beating Sony" and more enticing their fans with original, first party games that shows what the 360 can do, like, say, KILLER INSTINCT 3), then it'll be good.

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NegativeCreep4274348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

We all know MS's announcements will either be bought off of the PS3's lineup or it'll be nothing but extra DLC.

The Xbox's revel in the DLC.

Edit: The disagree is a sign of your inherent weakness! Delusions is how you Xbot A$$-Riders Live On!!!

Deadman644348d ago

they said "perhaps even Epic in impact" not meaning it WILL be epic.

Mr_Bun4348d ago

Any announcements from MS will only SEEM epic due to the lack of media attention they have had recently.

edhe4348d ago

Think that's not intentional?

Mr_Bun4348d ago

Let me put it another way...It had better be EPIC to compete with what we already know is coming from Sony!

GiantEnemyCrab4347d ago

How about just make a good game. FUK SONY and FUK it's lineup.

Just make a GOOD GAME!

JD_Shadow4347d ago

Let me fix your comment to make it more appropriate, GEC:

"TO MICROSOFT: How about just make a good game. FUK SONY and FUK it's lineup.

Just make a GOOD GAME!"

Because I'm hoping we don't hear any more of the "me too" or the "me better" stuff that we got last year from them (seriously, do we REMEMBER anything else besides that FF13 business out of their E3 PC last year?).

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