Warrior Epic Officially Launches Today

As was announced just recently, today is the day that Warrior Epic will officially launch -- by 5PM PDT if things go to schedule. The client can be obtained here ahead of time in preparation for the launch. Bob Drobish, CEO of the game's publisher True Games Interactive, made a statement to mark the occasion: "During the closed beta, we worked closely with the community to deliver an immersive and challenging game play experience. Now as we pull the trigger on the launch of the game, our development team is committed to continuing to deliver new and exciting content as our community continues to grow."

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Myst4069d ago

Oh, the game launches today? Nice. Going to download this and give it a try when the servers finally come up, I wonder how it might play out.

lucifon4069d ago

I tried it out last night. Only seems to be 3 character classes available out of the 6. And they were extremely generic. It actually looks pretty nice for the kinda game it is, and its mechanics are quite solid but I just wasn't really feeling it.

Feels alot like a singleplayer game with the ability to invite people to your game. Its not an MMO thats for sure - even less so than Dungeon Runners for example