When did JRPGs start to suck so bad?


"So, the other day I get a game from Gamefly in the mail. As usual, this is a pretty happy event for me as it means I will have something at least mildly entertaining to brighten my otherwise dreary and miserable day to day activities. What I did not expect, however, was the sheer amount of just plain jrpg suckage that would be flying out of my television set when I started up the game. I was not prepared for it and it nearly cost me my life. Hopefully you will heed this warning and go into things with a firmer grasp of what things are like on the dark side of the JRPG."

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Twizlex4061d ago

Haha, so true. Hopefully FFXIII can turn things around.

Milk is for Babies4061d ago

If any game will do it, it's Final Fantasy. If not I'm never even going to try another jrpg ever again.

Vault Boy4061d ago

Maybe he just doesn't like RPG's in general? I didn't think Star Ocean was that bad.

original seed4061d ago

I did Enjoy Blue Dragon. Didn't finish Lost Odyssey.

I think developers need to take a step back and come up with the following

-An interesting story. No more girly boys who don't remember the past and have to fight an evil empire.
-A unique world
-Characters that we can relate to so that we can care about them
-They need their own style. Stop trying to capture the magic FF7 had
-Please make them shorter. I good story with great gameplay is worth more than 50 hrs of boring grinding.

JRPG devs need to pick up their game then maybe we will start picking up theirs.

Last Gen and before
I loved Grandia, FFV, Skies of Arcadia. All very different games.

menoyou4061d ago

After the PS1 era is when they started to suck really bad. Especially everything coming out of Square-Enix. All they do now is make the same formula with some weird bisexual protagonist who saves the world. LAME.

Baka-akaB4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

They dont sucks or at least they didnt until the current gen , aka the "next-gen" .

There just havent been that many titles yet , and those from microsoft and square werent good enough .

However all is fine and looking up .

Ps2 jrpgs are still awesome in it's end cycle , with titles like persona 4 , Devil summoners 2 , Mana Khemia 2 and a few others ps2 titles . Ds and psp are mightily fine and dandy in that area as well

Tales of games are still great , but obviously wont move anyone but it's usual fans . Vesperia was good enough , and will be a little bit better with the bonuses on PS3 .

Tales of Symphonia 2 was as good on wii . And the next tales games on Wii Tales of graces is looking fine too .

Eternal Sonata was a decent game on both ps3 and 360 .

Hell even on ps3 there was still the excellents Demon Souls and Valkyria chronicles , also the still pretty good White knight chronicles .

I wonder if those of you saying it sucks are actual jrpg fans , or just wandered around pointlessly waiting on Square enix to deliver everytime , or to Mistwalker to actually do something worthwhile ...

Jrpg never started sucked , it's just that part of you expecting a far better and less rough transition , left behind a ps2 that is still very much alive , and went on to a almost non existent ps3/wii offering (still with a few great titles) or a filled 360 with subpar titles .

So be true jrpg fans , suck it up , enjoy great titles without being a graphic whore , FFXIII and followers with be there to fill that need for you soon enough .... and stop judging the whole genre on Square enix's performance alone . There have been plenty of time in history when they didnt offer the best game (except often in visuals) .

Now feel free to disagree away

CrazzyMan4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Not, sure what people are smoking, but atleast on PSP and DS there are a lot of Amazing JRPG games.
Just try TWEWY or Jean d`Arc, while on PS2 - latest Persona 4. :)

While most x360 jrpgs are poorly executed, have many glitches, and are NOT being POLISHED. Just for example - Last Remnant, GREAT game, but UNPLAYABLE on x360. =)

Now, on PS3 we have:
Valkyria Chronicles
Demon`s Soul
These are really Amazing gems. =)

FamilyGuy4061d ago

When they became made exclusively for a system that wasn't made for them, seriously. The undersized 6.5Gb of disc space, the user-base of on-line, gore, and fast paced game lovers.

It was supposed to be a walk towards diversifying what genres were found on the console but it the majority of the people who own the console don't care for the genre (jrpgs) then this is what happens.

BLuKhaos4061d ago

Persona 3FES and Persona 4 say no.

nbsmatambo4061d ago

or when they started over producing them for the x360, everything got pretty cliche after that..

RememberThe3574061d ago

Great post man, gotta give you a bubble for that one.

On that note though, I would have finished Lost Odyssey if it would have had a better combat system. The story telling in that game was remarkable. The best I've ever seen.

I see the most promise in WRPGs right now. They are starting to get the story part down and the combat is already fun. One of my most anticipated games this year is Mass Effect 2 because of how great the first was.

I do still have faith in JRPGs. The Japanese devs just need to get their sh*t together.

Baliw4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

3D were implemented.

Now they need to focus into aesthetics instead of story and gameplay.

Bring back 2D with nice CG's.

Bring back Alundra.
Bring back Secret of Mana.
Bring back Suikoden.
Bring Back all the fun we had 10 years back there.
Bring short JRPGs to PSN store. Even chapters.

Good RPG's are like good books, who needs graphics, movies never beat them.

Really someone, build a 2D rpg alliance.


kevnb4061d ago

it takes along time to make a full fleshed out and great jrpg, once FXIII comes out the others should follow.

solidsnakus4061d ago

oh... i see why they suck, cause their on the 360 and you cant play them huh...

majorsuave4061d ago

I never liked JRPGs... hard for me to tell when they "started to be bad".

I can understand why some people like them, I just cannot.

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dc084061d ago

When Square-Enix started making them for the Xbox

h0tz0rz4061d ago

Actually, I think they started to suck well before that. What was the last good JRPG you ever played?

HDgamer4061d ago

Last good one for me was Dragon Quest 8, I wanted to believe Rogue Galaxy was good but that game didn't keep me busy.

Godmars2904061d ago

The second Disgaea. Like the third, but none of its bad are memorable. Certainly aren't Mid Boss from the first.

PS3Freak4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

LAst was rogue galaxy, before that Dragon quest 8. JRPGS were great on the ps2. It all started to go downhill after ff12. I also liked the grandia games, and Dark cloud 1 and 2 were awesome(if u want to call them JRPGs). SO yes it all started with the 360 because there was MANY quality ps2 JRPGs.

Cheeseknight284061d ago

Correction, they started to go downhill with FFXII.

PS3Freak4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )


You are right, FFXII was not as good as the rest i listed, but it wasn't terrible. I agree though that it was the start of the slippery slope, we just didn't know it yet.

FamilyGuy4061d ago

Release this game on the PS3 and it will out sell the 360s lifetime sales in its first week.

The fan base is with the PS3, 1
The story is excusable (we're use to it) because the game play in the Star Ocean titles is so much fun.
Symbology, weapon creation/synthesis, upgradeable attacks and the look of the fight are all reasons behind the star ocean games fans, Not the stories.

When did jrpgs start to suck? When people who don't like them in the first place started playing them. If you want a good story pick up a book.
Not saying games don't need a good story but some games have NO story whatsoever and are still good, for games like those- game play and featured abilities are everything.

skip2mylou4061d ago

Persona 3 FES on Ps2 was the last great JRPG of last gen

Cheeseknight284061d ago

I personally thought Persona 4 was better in every way over 3: FES.

FOXDIE4061d ago

it has nothing to do with the platform it self, but its true that ever since they began appearing on the 360, that they began sucking.

Look for example at the ps2 that still has better Jrpgs coming out RIGHT NOW, like Persona 3 and 4.

kevnb4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

the last "great" one was Dragon Quest 8, but be patient the great ps3 jrpgs are still in development.

kevnb4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

actually sales figures show that jrpg sales on xbox 360 are about the same as they were on ps2, most jrpg games sell 500,000 copies tops. Dont believe me? Check out the sales for anything not named Final Fantasy, you will notice only a few jrpgs actually have sold more than a million (xeno series, kingdom hearts, and a few random flukes). Chalk it up as another misconception I have no idea how people thought up, similar to misconception that games are shorter (they are just easier now) and games are more expensive (I remember paying 80 bucks for mario 3).

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Cookigaki4061d ago

Since always. JRPG don't have enough action. Cookigaki does not wait his turn to kick ass.

Vault Boy4061d ago

Some people don't like to think and plan ahead and use strategy, some people don't like twitch games. That's your opinion but I think RPG's are awesome.

Timesplitter144061d ago

That's true but I also enjoy JRPG strategy aspects.

IMO the perfect RPG would be a mix between WRPGs and JRPGs. Combining the action and diversity of a WRPG (like Elder Scrolls, Diablo 2, etc) with the storyline and planning of a JRPG

FamilyGuy4061d ago

The gameplay in the Star Ocean games is and has always been all action, just as long as you can get through the crappy story/dialog combination.

this guy, the writer of the article, didn't eve get to the game play.

ActionBastard4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

When MS started paying for them? Maybe around that time? You know, the…the best selling JRPGs ever only on the 360. You know, the…the one, uh, they've been paying on for three years. You know, the…the JRPG. Mm, got something new to try and play? You know, maybe…uh, maybe a main character gets into a relationship, suffers a little heart break. Something like uh, what…what you been, you just been through. Draw from the real life experience. Little uh, little heart break. You know…work it into the story. Make those characters a little more three dimensional. Little, uh, richer experience for the player. Make those 3rd and 4th discs really keep the player guessing, what’s going to happen. Some twists and turns. Little epilogue, everybody learns the hero’s journey isn’t always a happy one...Maybe that's when. Or when MistWalker officially became overrated.

Twizlex4061d ago

I wonder when the next JRPG will come out that DOESN'T feature amnesia or dudes that look like chicks.

lonestarmt4061d ago

ahhh ok how about valkirya chronciles, valkrye profile DS, Suikoden DS, Cross Edge, Persona 4, Super Robot Wars Taisen, Disgea 3, knights of nightmare, Eternal sonata.

How about a when we get a FPS or shooter game where the guy doesn't have a buzz cut or bold, doesn't talks or when he does says the F-bomb every three seconds. Wait thats uncharted. lol

ActionBastard4061d ago

That's a fine list of JRPGs and a nice counter!

kevnb4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

not a bad list, but Eternal Sonata is one of the worst games Ive ever played... lets replace it with Demons Souls.

@ Action Bastard
so what are you trying to say, that post hurt my eyes..

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Berserk14061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

when they dissuaded to develop exclusively on xbot360.