10 Canceled Video Games We Hardly Knew

Inevitably, some videogames are conceived, announced, developed, and demoed before being sent to the chopping block. Publishers go under, development teams get fired, and ideas are scrapped because they're too risky or too mundane. But some games we hardly knew about at all. The press never got to try a preview, and in some cases the ideas only existed on paper. Here are 10 canceled games that barely existed:

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MoneyMarko4409d ago

Alan Wake barely exists atm...

jBat174409d ago

delay crapbox.. that game and splinter cell will never see the light of day

Shnazzyone4409d ago

I was so expecting Duke Nukum Forever to be at the end. Quite the odd list.

SpoonyRedMage4409d ago

too bad Cry On was cancelled. I hope they eventually go back it and give a kick ass experience with it.

Picnic4409d ago (Edited 4409d ago )

Microsoft's purchase of Rare resulted in this great preview video for Donkey Kong Racing going no further. I can't even remember Rare officially announcing that it was cancelled:

'Wet', announced for the Xbox360 and PS3 a few years ago, has recently re-appeared so thankfully appears not to be cancelled despite being originally due to be released in 2008:

Unless we hear otherwise, there is always the possibility that Sadness was just a glorified art project or misleading advertising strategy that was meant to promote the Wii without ever being intended to be released as a game. It's a shame as it got my interest- with the flashlight, it hinted at something of 'Alone in the dark: The new nightmare':

SpoonyRedMage4409d ago

There's apparently still hope for Sadness as well so only DK racing may never see the light of day.

However, they could put it on the DS because Rare have developed Diddy Kong Racing for the DS as well and also Viva Pinata for the DS. We should start some petitions about these things!

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