Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Developer Tutorial Video

Just released, Capcom has prepared a tutorial video on the forthcoming Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP. The video features quite the variety of monsters, mainly focuses on survival strategies, and the purpose of being a Monster Hunter. Upon this, the video also stresses the importance of the game's central village, your safe haven between dangerous hunts.

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mephman3465d ago

Gotta love the stereotypical Japanese engrish narrator.

Kyll3465d ago

Do you? Do you really?

Haha, I never played MHF2, kinda makes me want to pick this up.

Myst3465d ago

Monster Hunter is definitely worth it in my opinion. Especially when you have the maximum number of people (4) in a quest trying to slay a monster.

The video is a battle of the Fatalis a pretty interesting ancestral dragon, so I would say that the game is well worth picking up.