Dear Koei Games, Please Stop

The Power Review: Enough is enough. There comes a time when you can only rereleased the same game so many times and brand it with a new title. That number just so happens to be twenty-one. Ironically enough, that is the same number of games under the Dynasty Warriors franchise (Wikipedia). This is not even counting all of the spinoff titles: Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Tactics, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Bladestorm, and the list goes on!

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Create3466d ago

Same goes to Activision and GH....hahah

But yeah, think of something new koei, its the same game every single time. Only with a different setting/hardly noticable better visuals.

UNCyrus3466d ago

It really is astonishing if you look at the wikipedia article linked through the page just how many titles are in the series.... Astonishing, yet so sad....

badz1493466d ago

if it makes money, devs will continue to bring these games out! not just DW but same goes to Mario spin-offs, GH, FIFA (although this has improved significantly in recent years) and WE/PES! as long as people buy them, they will keep coming! but what is better than milking a proven franchises with existing fan base? new IP is far too risky especially when the economy is the way it is!

ExcelKnight3466d ago

Hey, they tried something new when they released Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.

Squad based battles was an interesting concept (though it was broken for that game).

UNCyrus3466d ago

was it really new? or was it just the same classes that have always been in dynasty warriors just with a different header? and the only difference was the ability to allow you to change within battle?

Rmagnus3466d ago

Bladestorm is more squad base, if u play like DW n use your hero n rush it... you are gonna get screwed really badly.Koei keep coming out with the same games because people keep buying it so why should they change?

Godmars2903466d ago

In that it takes place in Europe instead of China?

FantasyStar3466d ago

Bladestorm was broken? Sir, you just suck.

FF7numbaone3466d ago

Bladestorm was similar to their elite series kessen. Good series for strategy games.

ExcelKnight3465d ago

@FantasyStar: Broken in the sense that if you could buff up Horses just enough, you'd be able to run over the entire storyline. The only time any of the riding classes were outmatched was when you reach the level 99 battles, where you actually had to respect weaknesses somewhat.

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jack who3466d ago

japan loves their games

Johnny Rotten3466d ago

just bring another Guitaroo man to the PSP!

Cajun Chicken3466d ago

Ha, ha. That's what I like to hear!

ShadowRyuX3466d ago

someone should mention this to EA about Madden. Now that is a long running series!

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