Top 10 New Franchises

Koku Gamer writes: "With gaming store shelves being filled with sequels to games of the past, Koku Gamer looks to the future. With games like Modern Warfare 2 being the 6th game in a series we decided to make a top ten list of franchises that started on this generation of gaming. To qualify for this list the Series has to have;"

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Cinotix3492d ago

Cannot wait for Mass Effect 2.

Xeall3492d ago

Good call. I did miss dead rising and dead space. Consider them honoury members.

Relientk773492d ago

I'm gonna say Uncharted cuz Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is an amazing game and ive beaten 4 times and I'm gonna beat it one more before I get Uncharted 2

cranium3492d ago

Do you at least have the Platinum trophy?

Relientk773492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

no lol hence the one more time i need to beat it.. i beat it twice b4 it had trophys... then beat it on medium and hard after that update... and b4 Uncharted 2 comes out ill beat it on the super hard difficulty (its the only trophy i need then i get plat which is gonna be easy) so sometime in summer/fall ill be getting my plat trophy. whenever i get to it


grantps33492d ago

if uncharted is not on here i will kill myself.

ahhh. thank god.

Fullish3492d ago

Gotta love them top 10s :D