Late To the Party Episode 1: Dead Rising

TGS writes: "We grab everything including the kitchen sink and head back to Willamette Mall to discuss the yays and nays of zombie slaying in Dead Rising."

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Elven63468d ago

I never finished Dead Rising solely due to the save point issues and the time limit, I just had my fun killing zombies! :p

raiden_933468d ago

Save points were an absolute pain in Dead Rising, you think it is an issue the developers would seriously think about seeing the game runs on a 72 hour time limit.

ShabzS3467d ago

... but stopped playing after half an hour ... i didnt play it again for like 5 - 6 months ... and after when there was nothing else to play ... i booted it up and oh my god ... once you get to know how to navigate through the mall ..(skateboards) it was just a can of fun... first few days i was just killing zombies and upping my pp level... then i started the story .. and man it was totally worth it ... the way the story was played through was truely amazing... my only gripe is there was no video at the end ... justa text on the screen ... after all that sh*t fighting a tank and fist fighting the general ... i got no video...