Save Points Review - Puchi Puchi Virus

Save Points writes: "This takes place in an… undisclosed time period, and every inhabitant on the planet is chibi. One day, a major virus hits a bunch of people on the planet. The effect of this virus? It turns everyone into zombies!!! Nah, just kidding. It just makes everyone hit by it look ridiculous. Changes people into half-animal half-human half-fruit combinations, all that have something to do with their name and personality. There is one doctor on the planet who found how to cure the disease caused by the puchi puchi virus though. He put the people in a machine of some sort, which injects the patient with PURE AWESOME, which gets rid of the viri in their body. So… that's basically it. Your goal is to threat everyone that requests threatment.

The game is filled with pop culture references (this is NISA, of course their references everywhere). Mostly in character names, but sometimes also in their description. If their names aren't a kind of reference, they're really… lame play on words. There's not much dialog, but the little dialog there is isn't too bad."

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