Microsoft Windows 7 to launch on October 15, 2009

Microsoft's Vista successor is on schedule to hit stores in 150 days, but pricing could be a barrier, warns Dell.

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Paizen4881d ago

Vista itself wasn't cheap, so it isn't looking good for 7. Here's hoping there's a good deal for multiple licenses, particularly with many households now having more than one PC.

In theory, I'd like to get 7 Home Premium on my work PC, my HTPC and my notebook. But as with most shoppers these days, I don't wanna break the bank. Under £100 for three licenses would do nicely. :)

Mikerra174880d ago

No one else dares to make a new OS so Microsoft is able to just put the price at whatever they want. All the schools who had vista might have to now buy windows 7, they are about to make alot of money.
I wonder if they planned all this...

SuperSaiyan44881d ago

Well I went and paid around £80 for an OEM Home Premium 64bit vista so what happens with those that went and bought those versions? I guess we get nothing but not a problem. If it's around the same price again I will go buy it.

GamerPS3604881d ago

If pricing it not under my radar then mininova FTW

evolution544881d ago

If Microsoft does not get the pricing right and still believe that everyone is willing to pay $400-$500 for an operating system, they will have shot themselves in the foot once again. They need to come up with a better pricing scheme than Vista. Should they give Vista users a discount to upgrade? In fact, some big shot actually admitted in a letter that was exposed to the public that Vista was a mistake. Yikes!

With Windows 7, they have listened to feedback and did their best to make a OS that looked and feel similar to Vista, but was faster and lighter on hardware requirements. They succeeded in doing so. The only roadblock they have left is to get the darn pricing right so that users actually want to buy it and not bootleg it!

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