Assassin's Creed Odyssey To Change Controversial DLC

After apologizing for forcing your character into a heterosexual relationship, Ubisoft is planning to issue a patch that will correct the error.

A controversial bit of Assassin's Creed Odyssey downloadable content will be changed in a future patch following a backlash from fans. Spoilers follow for the Shadow Heritage episode of Odyssey's DLC.

At the end of the Shadow Heritage episode, your character has a child from a heterosexual relationship. Those who had spent hours playing their Kassandra or Alexios as LGBTQ--or simply not interested in relationships at all--felt forced into a plot development

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Chaosdreams841d ago

This is good to hear. *Thumbs up

Nobody loses, everyone wins.

Hungryalpaca840d ago

Except now canonically it doesn’t make sense. This was supposed to be part of a bloodline.

If the character is gay...the bloodline ends...unless they still have children. So they’d need to tie that up now.

lilzay33311840d ago

why would it be a bloodline thing, they killed bloodlines in origins with the invention of the portable animus. there's literally no need for a child or even a relationship when the connection is to the person not their relative.

NewMonday840d ago

so we can't say you can't have natural children with the same sex?

babadivad839d ago

This may come as a shocker to you but, gay people have children all the time. . .

mikeslemonade839d ago

I’m for gays but here’s another example of entitled people complaining about small things. Ubisoft should stand up against this and change nothing.

fathertime4464839d ago

Yeah gays have kids all the time through adoption or artificial encemination. One of two of these things didn't exist back then. Now add in the fact that you need the historical bloodlines you kind of just killed off the past games with this one.


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JokerBoy422840d ago

Explain how this supports the science of the Animus now. They pandered to the LGBTXYZ cuz those cancers of society never shut the hell up about anything.

Chaosdreams840d ago

It’s not pandering. If the devs didn’t see a proper solution then they’d leave it be, but since they’ve chosen to update the content that leaves an impression they found a solution, narratively speaking.

Considering the content with the update hasn’t been addressed - all I see are cancers flipping out.

NewMonday840d ago

the impression it leaves is that they compromised their artistic integrity under mob pressure.

Batnut00840d ago

Well they already covered this in Origins where you don't need bloodlines anymore to go back in time for Assassins.

Chaosdreams839d ago


In that context I understand the frustration/worry.

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xRacer74x841d ago

Now I expect this from both sides from now on. I do not want any game to force non hetro relationships. If one side can be offended then its certainly okay for the other side to offended.

Batnut00840d ago

Well if the game prides itself in offering player choice to the point of advertising as such and than suddenly forces your character who you've decided to play as hetero to suddenly be forced into a same-sex relationship than absolutely

rowuxa839d ago

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xRacer74x839d ago

I usually do not care. But Im growing tired of the LBGC complaining at every turn. The last 2 or 3 years the USA is has become inundated with this crap. Love who you want to love, I just have no desire to hear about it and I will do the same.

fathertime4464837d ago

Well by pandering to the pansies they've kinda killed the entire game series. It's what's called a paradox. Now that they've made it so you don't have to procreate they've completely screwed the entirety of all previous assassin's games.
I'm aware that they did away with the whole bloodlines thing in origins, but you needed them in previous games and now you have a virtual butterfly effect in that the non birth of one person eliminates the birth of many people and can also change the course of human history completely. Thank you lgbqt community for ruining everything you touch and thank you Ubisoft for being so politically correct (idiot's)

Sashamaz839d ago

Yeah, I feel like most games now force you to do things one way, I guess it's all about who shouts the loudest.

WitcheRivia840d ago

Ugh, nothing worse than a bunch of heterophobes.

tar_tar07840d ago

Crazy times we live in man.

Profchaos840d ago

So they abandoned the whole idea of needing a bloodline to utilise the animus?

lilzay33311840d ago

yes they did away with that in origins.

Profchaos840d ago

I always thought the modern day segments were pointless after AC3 i still have no idea why they bothered with black flag it felt forced

Sophisticated_Chap840d ago

@ Profchaos

Ubisoft plans on re-telling the story, allowing for Artificial Insemination, to fill in the plot holes.

Cobra951840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

It was, until they made it an issue.

beulahland839d ago

Well, if they hadn't transformed Assassin's Creed in a full RPG game, this would not be an issue. But...