Full video of Donkey Kong in Punch-Out!!

Here is a full video fight against Donkey Kong in Punch-Out!!

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Product3466d ago

i really wish they would have had someone else but this is a nice bonus. He looks pretty hard

Product3466d ago

Youtube cameras are always good.

SpoonyRedMage3466d ago

Is a new DK on the way, first npc and now this...?

Or is it that they're not using DK so they put him in this.

Product3466d ago

Man if Nintendo announces another DK Country at E3 that would be gold. DK has been neglected at it's core for way to long.

Cheeseknight283466d ago

Donkey Kong 64 for the VC would be cool.

creatchee3466d ago

Does this mean that we'll see donkey punches in this game?

I just had to :)

NMC20073466d ago

Looks really fun, this isn't the boss they were talking about not spoiling right? Because people were making it seem like it was Doc.

Product3466d ago

People were expecting Doc but i doubt he is in the game boxing

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