GameFocus: New Play Control Mario Power Tennis Review

GameFocus writes: "If you owned a Gamecube, chances are, at one point or another, you checked out Mario Power Tennis for the system. I say this, largely because there wasn't a whole heap of third party support for Nintendo's last gen system. As a result, Gamecube owners had to grab any first party cookie they could as a means of justifying their console purchase. Of course, if you know Nintendo's first party history, that's hardly a bad thing. So, Nintendo is now in the drivers seat, and many people who opted out on the Gamecube are now getting the chance to play the games they may have missed before the Wii came along."


+ Game holds up well for being 5 years old.
+ Controls work fairly well.
+ Price tag is nice.
+ Excellent multiplayer.


- Nothing to justify purchase if you already own the original.
- Minor gripes with ball control.
- Sound can be a bit overwhelming cutesy.

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