Wii Dart kit, possibly the silliest addon yet

Gamer Limit writes "Do you think your TV is safe from gamers throwing their Wiimotes at it? Well think again, Pega have just released a Dart kit for your Wiimote, allowing you to shape it into a realistic dart… perfect for throwing at your TV."

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chrisjc4096d ago

Wow - this is going sleazier than the "Wii Sports Essentials Kit", including the fake, useless tennis racket they marketed to soccer moms.

Go go capitalism!

badz1494096d ago

darts with Wii?? how much lower humanity will go now? I don't want to think of what's next in the line of these ridiculous add-ons!

Dimly4096d ago

I actually just ordered 20 by coincidence. Wii Dart marathon, anyone?

SkankinGarbage4096d ago

The next time I go play darts with my buddies, I'm gonna roll in with three of these and see how much dignity I walk out with.

Ziriux4096d ago

Haha, now that's crazy. I wonder what their working on next.

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The story is too old to be commented.