RUMOUR: Kojima Productions website countdown ends June 1st

NeoGAF user Nirolak found 5 dates within the .swf file for Kojima Productions website. Each appears to correspond with a different weather pattern on the website. The last countdown ends June 1st, which is also the date of Microsoft's E3 Press Conference.

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KionicWarlord2223467d ago

oh so its like a bomb....5...4....3...2...boom
This is interesting to know ,thanks to the person in forums.

Aquanox3467d ago

June 1st is when the Microsoft E3 Conference takes place.

Hype hype...

anh_duong3467d ago

i did say earlier that it sounds like an xbox 360 game - either that be an 360 exclusive or multi - but least it will be an xbox game.

anh_duong3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )


"It starts on the 18th.
It starts again on the 22nd. 4 days.
It starts again on the 27th. 5 days.
It starts again on the 30th. 3 days.
It starts again on the 1st. 2 days."

however this post if i read it correctly says the timer starts on the 1st June for two days. So something gets announced for 1st but full review two days later.

ngg123453467d ago

Megaton if it is announced at e3 for Xbox 360, or megaton if it is sony counterattack against microsoft show. Either way it is going to make fanboys cry so I'm excited.

RememberThe3573467d ago

I like where your mind is at.

Regardless of how the fanboys react, I'm confident that this will be something pretty damn cool.

Johnny Cullen3467d ago

I have just had the slowest yet biggest grin appear :D

Sangria3467d ago

Cool, so there will be something at E3. It's interesting to see that people point out the fact it is during Microsoft's press conference and not during E3. I guess it's just a matter to feed the most cranky rumors, right?

In my case, PS3 or 360, i don't care, i own both, but i would be pretty pissed if it was on Wii. I only hope it will be as much exciting as waiting for Metal Gear Solid 4 (and seeing in two years the graphical improvements compared to this year's secret game trailer).