GTA IV first impressions

It's been nearly ten months since Peter Moore, along with his "tattooed" bicep, first announced that not only was Rockstar going to be producing Grand Theft Auto IV, but the white-knuckled grip that Sony always held on the franchise had finally been broken...

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camelio4282d ago

Im not a fanboy or anything and i don't care about sony loosing its exclusives because they will just simply develop more exclusives in years 2 come...but its a damn shame that GTA has to be crammed into a DVD instead of 50GB...I mean Rockstar must have had to cut back on the game soo much whe they decided to release, all that content and hours of gameplay and enviroments that could have been are no more...jus some bog-standard DVD now...They should make a PS3 version man...
And nobody cares bout DMC, it just a normal game where noone attacks you and you do a bunch of combos, that ent next gen and this generation of games deserve alot better.

AppleSlime4282d ago

I doubt they'd just scrap anything the way you're suggesting. Granted, having to download it will suck, but whatever.

Razzy4282d ago

Maybe they will put the 360 version on 4 discs? ;)

Oh and with regards to the story, I wouldn't call what Moore has on his arm a bicep although some of you Xbots think of him as Superman or something.

dissectionalrr4282d ago

do you really want to drive 3 hours to get to the next mission? didn't think so. bigger isn't always better. quit being a fanboy.

camelio4282d ago

itz not about driving around for 3 hourz u dumbass, itz about content and hours of creative gameplay...and I made it clear im not a fanboy in my message asshole, so I take it reading is not one of your strong points..dipshit

Yo Wassap4282d ago

...obviously anger managment isn't one of yours...

gnothe14281d ago

Sony was the one promoting blue ray as a necessity. not all games need blu ray.if you can remember GTA never had alot of cgi, so therefore that whole game can easily fit on a dvd9. it seems to have become a theory to the sony boys that if developers do a crossplat game they HAD to cut it back because of the 360!! did it ever occur to you that they might have not needed more space because of the current game there making!!

another thing!! now all of a sudden DMC is a crap series, the enemies dont attack, an they just stand there an let you do big combos!! WOW if the NG developer would have never said that you guys wouldn't know the difference. plus when NG was only xbox it was never better than DMC according to sony boys. but because were getting DMC4 an not NG now all of a sudden the NG game is just to awesome!! don't forget were getting NG2.

techie4281d ago

360 has exclusive dlc

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