Rumored PS Store Content for 05/14/09

Confirmed content this week is pretty scarce. However what is confirmed is an exciting offering, mainly due to Zen Pinball. Texas Cheat Em will make the poker fans happy. Of course there is the weekly Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC to look forward to. We are expecting a PSP game, as Sony makes more PSP games available as a digital download.

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Sev5132d ago

PSOne games should be coming this week, and pretty much each week here on out.

Also, since I cannot resist...

something Is COming soon, stay tuned to PSLS.

Be sure to join our forums, as we let stuff slip from time to time.

Cwalat5132d ago

LOL Sev! :P
I love you bro!

E3, playable demo ?

-x.Red.x-5132d ago

i wonder how soon is soon...

Mr_Bun5132d ago

there seems to be a disagree Phantom who is Unhappy with Sev's Statement Yesterday and today...very brave indeed.

InfectedDK5132d ago

It is all nice!
I'm getting the Pinball game and maybe Texas Cheat 'Em

ExcelKnight5132d ago (Edited 5132d ago )

Sev, I hope you're aware that Christian Svensson has confirmed that the first wave of Capcom PSOne Classics should be appearing in late may.

Here's the link:

Keep that in mind when making your future lists.

EDIT: Capcom Unity is Capcom of America's official forum & blog. I check it out quite often, since a lot of official info comes from there.

DJ5132d ago

Never heard of that forum before. Nice find, dude.

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SasanovaS7775132d ago

love how he capitalized I, and CO...hmm I-CO....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I + CO
profit $$$$$$$$$$

DoucheVader5132d ago

Your love for capital letters. :)

DoucheVader5132d ago

I have an idea who that jerk is.

Mr_Bun5132d ago (Edited 5132d ago )

Me too...if you and I are getting annoyed with him, I can only imagine how Sev is feeling.

DJ5132d ago

But i'm aching to see that Uncharted 2 trailer.

StalkingSilence5132d ago

saw it debuted on PSLS - but definitely going to watch it in 1080p on my PS3.

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